Simon Mall Raised Gift Card Limits

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Simon Mall Raised Gift Card Limits

Simon Mall Raised Gift Card Limits

Credit card issuers want you to put more spend on their cards. They offer bonuses, elite status, free nights and other things to those who spend a lot. Purchasing gift cards at Simon Malls is one of the options for increasing credit card spending, and there’s some good news coming from them.

Frequent Miler reports that they have recently increased the daily limit on consumer gift card purchases from $10,000 to $25,000. That’s good news for those who do large volumes. Here’s the details:

  • Gift card purchases are limited to $25,000 per person per day, including fees (for purchases over $10K you will still need to provide some extra information due to federal regulations)
  • Gift cards may be loaded up to $500 each, with a $3.95 fee per card


This is welcomed news for those who do lots of gift card purchases at Simon Mall locations. It could save you lots of time if you do not have a mall nearby. Plus it’s good to see a move in a positive direction.


  1. Have you guys tried ms on Amex for delta MQD or Hilton free nights? Amex doesn’t report to delta or Hilton as qualified spending. Do you guys have same problem? Thanks


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