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  1. What is the daily limit on atm withdrawal at Schwab? $615 doesn’t seem like much if you’re in a foreign country and a real bind.

    The Schwab account was supposed to give me $100 after depositing $1,000 but I never deposited a cent and still got the $100.

  2. Mark, if I open up a Sofi checking account then can I deposit money orders in there via ATM? They don’t have any branches where I can go in and deposit MO.

    • They only have mobile deposit and no money orders. You would have to deposit them into a credit union acct etc. and then transfer the money over to SoFi if you wanted to use it to earn some interest before paying bills etc.

  3. BElieve I signed up thru your link but, not sure. Haven’t verified transfer account as yet and just called them and they won’t know if I used the correct link until 10 days after my $100 deposit doesn’t cause the $50 credit. Said I had to phone them with Shawn’s email address so they can apply the credit Appreciate the email address of Shawn which is the name on the referral page so I can get the credit if it doesn’t appear. Really like this website.


    • I think you should be fine. It may already be showing in your account. Let me know if it isn’t showing tomorrow though. Thanks for reading David!

  4. Another feature I like on SoFi is their beta “vault” feature which lets you create a lot of sub accounts to store money for different purposes (e.g., emergency fund, wedding savings, house savings, etc). They aren’t actual separate accounts with different account numbers, and you can’t access them via an ATM, but it provides a logical separation that can be really handy.

    I’m keeping the Schwab account if for no other reason than that my employer users them for distributing stock, and it’s handy to have a paired checking account for that (and a backup fee-free int’l card with some emergency funds in case I lose my SoFi debit card when traveling). But, moving my day-to-day banking to SoFi seems like a no-brainer.

    One thing I haven’t really figured out – when I do a bill-pay on SoFi (like for rent) it doesn’t seem that it shows me anywhere that the check has been cashed. The funds are debited when the check is mailed, but it’s helpful to know that it was actually processed. My landlord (or their mail carrier) is very unreliable and I’d rather know sooner than later that there’s an issue.

    • That is interesting that the debit it when the check is mailed versus when it is cashed. I am surprised they do it that way.

  5. Used my schwab card to get Pesos in Mexico and the exchange rate was better than at any exchange kiosk. Schwab reverses ATM fee pretty quickly, within a couple of days, not once a month.

    • Someone commented in our Facebook Group that they did a withdraw with SoFi, Fidelity and Schwab and they all came out to the same amount which I found interesting. I haven’t done any tests yet but will give it a try the next time I am out of the country and see what happens.

      • SoFi says the 1% is a Visa fee, not a SoFi fee. When I signed up for the account a few months back I bugged Schwab on Twitter to try and answer whether they are also subject to the same Visa fee and they wouldn’t answer and said to call, which I didn’t bother doing. I suspect Schwab (actually Visa) was charging it all along, but if someone wants to call and confirm we’d know for sure! 😉

        • That is interesting Ben – I had suspected something like that when the person commented they all charged the same on her test.


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