Southwest Showing More California Love – And a Little for the Rest of Us


Southwest California Millions

Thu V. in our Facebook group alerted us to a new offer from Southwest last night.  There is a contest going on for California residents.  Southwest is giving away up to 100 million points (said in my best Dr. Evil Austin Powers voice).

Details on the Offer for Cali Residents

The contest offers the following ways to win:

  • Daily Drawings – Sign up and you will automatically be entered into a drawing every day for the month of November.  The daily prize value increases as the month goes on.  They will give away 1 prize of 5,000 points on November 1st and 10 prizes of 1 million points on November 30th.
  • There is also a daily digital prize wheel.  You can spin it once each day for your chance to win.

You can also team up with friends and have a group of up to 20 friends. If you enter a group any winnings earned by someone in the group will be split among all members.

Here is a link to the OFFER.

For the Non Golden State Residents –

Southwest tried to throw the rest of us a bone.  It isn’t the most inspiring offer but it is something.  You can enter a drawing for 100,000 Southwest points – one time only entry.  Click the link above and look at the bottom of the page.  Oh never mind pictures are always better :). Here is what you see after clicking the offer link above:


It’s free so do it! Especially California residents.  Set up a reminder for every day this month on your calendar so you don’t forget.  Good luck! Share some winnings with me if you want :)!

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  1. […] Southwest Giving Away Lots of Points:  They’re still showing a lot of LUV for California residents, but they did remember the black sheep of the family (the rest of the country) this time around.  Depending on where you reside, you could win a nice haul of Southwest points.  It doesn’t hurt to enter these drawings so I’d highly encourage you to do so. […]

  2. Just to clarify, the California sweepstakes can be entered once a day for the whole month. The sweepstakes for everyone else is one entry total.

  3. I signed up and spun the wheel the first day and the second day and then it stopped working. Now I can’t get the wheel back. Do you have to sign in each day. Can’t figure it out. Help

    • Wish I could Tim – not a Cali resident :(. Maybe someone else can help Tim out? Hopefully it works tomorrow.

  4. I got 12500 and my wife got 5000, so easy! But we need to fill a form and provide the SSN to pay the tax, each point is valued at 1.35 cent.


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