Spirit is Leaving 2007 in the Dust! First Budget Airline in America to Add Wi-Fi

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Spirit Airlines is Leaving 2005 in the Dust, Adding Wi-Fi

Spirit Airlines is Leaving 2007 in the Dust, Adding Wi-Fi

Spirit Airlines is the original budget airline.  Well maybe not the original but the are on the cutting edge of adding fees and they have come up with a new one.  But this time it is something that everyone has been asking for, Wi-Fi.

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Spirit announced last week that they plan to roll out Wi-Fi on every plane by the summer of 2019.  The cost will be an average of $6.50 per flight but it will vary depending on the flight.  They say demand and how much bandwidth is being use will determine the cost (how very Spirit of them).  There will be different pricing for simple internet access and full blown streaming.

This is a long overdue move on Spirit’s part.  They are offering a service to their customers that comes with an optional fee…they need more of those.  Hopefully you don’t get stuck in one of their metal seats though if you choose to fly them!


This is a good move by Spirit. Their new CEO seems to be really pushing to increase customer satisfaction. They still finish last in pretty much every survey but it will take him some time to dig out of that deep hole.

Hopefully they include Wi-Fi with their big front seat.  That would make one of the best deals in travel even better.

Hat Tip Business Insider

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