Swych Labor Day Sale: 13.64% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards + 5X

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Swych Labor Day Sale

Swych Labor Day Sale

Swych is a gift card application that allows you purchase merchant gift cards for yourself or a friend. Right now they have a Labor Day sale giving 5% off of “appliance” gift cards when you send it to someone else. Combined with a Lowe’s promo, you can potentially get 13.64% off + earn 5X rewards. Here is how it works.

Buying the Appliance Gift Card

There is a daily purchase limit from Swych so you will only be able to purchase 1 X $200 and 1 X $100 Appliance cards. One per transaction. In the end you’ll pay $285 for $330 in Lowe’s gift cards. Follow these instructions.

  • First, login to the Swych app and click the “Send” button at the bottom.
  • Next, choose which of your contacts you want to send the gift to. I sent a card to my wife and she sent one to me for example.
  • After selecting a contact, click the “Appliance” gift card listed on the screen. 
  • Select a $100/$200 denomination and enter the promo code 18LABORS in the box. The price will drop to $95 or $190 depending on your denomination.
  • Follow the prompts to pay via PayPal. Note that paying with a Chase Ink Plus/Cash card through PayPal has been earning 5X Ultimate Rewards.

Redeeming For Lowe’s

Once your friend/spouse receives the card, they will have the option to Swych it to a branded card. The three options I see are Walmart, Target or Lowe’s. (Although there are supposed to be more.) Anyway, Lowe’s is the only one with a bonus for redemption so we’ll focus on that. Here is how to turn the appliance card into a Lowe’s card.

  • Have your friend/spouse log-in to their app. They will see their gifted appliance card.
  • Tell them to click on the card and follow the prompts to Swych it.
  • They will see the Walmart/Target options, but they can also select “More”. Under the more menu they will see the “Lowe’s Promo” option to redeem for a $110/$220 Lowe’s gift card as shown above.

Need to Know

  • This promotional code can be used twice so it’s best to do a $200 and a $100 card because of the purchase limit.


While it seems like a lot of steps, this can all be done fairly quickly. The entire process of my wife sending cards to me and vice versa plus the Swyching of them to Lowe’s took about 5 minutes or so. In the end with that discount level plus the 5X points I think it’s worth it!


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