(Stores Have Reopened) Target’s Computers Have Crashed Nationwide


Target's Computers Have Crashed Nationwide

(PSA) Target’s Computers Have Crashed Nationwide

Update: It is being reported that the cash registers are back online this evening.

I wanted to send out a quick public service announcement about Target.  The Target computer system has crashed nationwide causing lineups that make it look like a black friday sale. Except the line never moves…a nightmare, I know!

My wife went into our local store around 12:30 and everything was running as normal.  After shopping for about an hour she went to check out when she saw the madness pictured above.  She was told that Target’s computer system was out nationwide.

She waited 15-20 minutes before returning her frozen and refrigerated goods and then leaving her cart with them to put the rest of it away.  It is a complete cluster so I would avoid going today or at least call before driving out.

I hope this isn’t because of yet another data breach with Target.  This is one of the many reasons I love Walmart grocery pick up.


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