Kayak’s New Trip Planning Tool Will Make Life Easier for Groups


Trip Huddle: Kayak's New Group Travel Tool

Trip Huddle: Kayak’s New Group Travel Tool

Kayak has a new tool available for travel planning aimed to help out those who book travel for groups. Trip Huddle lets you and your fellow travelers vote on destinations, travel dates and accommodations for your group trip. The aim is to cut down the amount of time spend determining dates, destination and hotels by giving everyone a set of choices to vote on. Trip Huddle keeps the group’s decisions in one place, which everyone invitee has access to.

I tried it out and it was relatively easy to set up. After signing in to my Kayak account and navigating Trip Huddle (kayak.com/huddle), I just followed the prompts. To start a huddle, name your group trip and start adding your friends emails. Select your potential destinations, travel dates and hotels or vacation rentals. You’ll see general pricing for your accommodations. Then, everyone gets an email to vote with all of the option clearly laid out. As the planner, you’ll be able to see when people voted and close the voting, which triggers another email to the invitees with the final decision.

Trip Huddle: Kayak's New Group Travel Tool

Trip Huddle: Kayak's New Group Travel Tool


This is a pretty cool tool especially for larger groups where everyone has a different opinion. I also appreciate that it allows each recipient to vote on each option so that the total number of votes is counted because sometimes you may have a preference but you’re open to other options, so in that case you could give an extra vote to your favorite option. I don’t want to hear anyone complain about the several emails everyone will get because we all know, group chains are way worse than 4-5 emails.

I haven’t experimented with the tool all that much, but one thing that would be helpful would be an option to say, this doesn’t work for me, rather than just giving it a lower rating. I didn’t notice the ability for example to say, those dates are definitely not an option because I’m unavailable. Otherwise, I think this could be a big time saver for group trip planning.



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