Hurry: Free $15 Uber Credit for EXISTING Users!

New Uber users sign-up to get up to $20 towards your first ride for free!

Uber $15 Free Credit

Right now it is possible for existing users to get a $15 credit to use on Uber.

Here is how it works from Slickdeals:

  • Open Google Maps app
  • Enter address to destination
  • Hit button to get directions
  • Select the “Taxi” routing option (usually 3rd or 4th from the left)
  • You should see a black banner that says “Book an Uber now to get $15 off”

My Experience

To check this out, I opened my Google Maps app and searched for directions from my house to the airport. After going to the “Taxi” option which looks like a person with his/her hand up, I was presented with the following:


I then clicked “Request” and linked my Uber account to Google Maps by following the prompts. After that I clicked “Request” again and came to a final confirmation screen. The quoted price then included the $15 discount.

At that point I went to my Uber app and checked the promotions on the “Payment” screen. The free ride was sitting in my account. It is good through February 1 and I believe it will work with Uber Eats as well. (It shows up in the Uber Eats app as well.)


New to Uber?

If you are new to Uber you should be able to get a free ride for signing up with the code UBERMILESTOMEMORIES or using this link. After signing up you can then follow the above instructions to get an additional $15 ride as well.

These types of promotions don’t generally last long so I suggest doing this sooner rather than later!

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