Tired of Continuously Checking Your Southwest Flights for a Discount? There is a Better Way!

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Use Southwest Monkey to Check for Lower Fares

Use Southwest Monkey to Check for Lower Fares

One of the great features of Southwest Airlines is the ability to rebook your flight if the price drops.  Since they have no cancellation fees you can rebook your flight and you get a credit to use on a future flight for the difference.  For rewards flights you would get the difference in points back.  Just make sure to cancel your flight and rebook with Southwest’s newer rules in place instead of simply changing them.

The one downfall of this perk is that you have to constantly check your flight for a price drop.  This can be time consuming and it probably won’t be worth the discount, if you even get one.  In steps Southwest Monkey to fill a need.

What is Southwest Monkey?

Southwest Monkey is a site that will check your Southwest flight daily to see if the price drops.  They charge $3 per alert but you are only charged the fee if the flight price drops.  You will be emailed an alert when the price of your flight drops.  But, you will only be billed the $3 if the fare drops by more than $10 or 600 Rapid Reward points. To top it off you can only be billed once per booking even if the price drops more than once.  They make money only if you save money.  A true win win.

I would assume you get billed the fee if you are alerted even if you don’t rebook so only use the service if you can be responsive to the alerts.


This sounds like a great feature for anyone who flies Southwest regularly.  The fact that you are only charged if you save money makes it worthwhile for every Southwest flight you book. I plan on trying this out in the future to see how it works in practice. The idea sounds excellent, the terms are great, the only question is will the results be there?  Only time will tell.


Let us know in the comments if you have used Southwest Monkey and what your thoughts on it were.  Let us know if you plan on using it going forward too.


Hat tip to Shelli at Travel With Grant



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  1. How can I verify how many points I paid for my upcoming flight? When I clicked on my points activity I only got that I have 56 points left.


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