Vegas History Into Dust: Watch the Riviera Disappear in this Amazing Video!


Vegas Riviera Implosion Video

Vegas Riviera Implosion Video

Controlled Demolition, Inc. is a company you may not have heard of, but you have no doubt seen their work. They are behind pretty much all of the Vegas implosions of the past couple of decades and many many more around the world. Unfortunately a couple of days ago they had to close yet another chapter in Vegas history with the implosion of the Riviera’s Monaco Tower. (The last one still standing.)

While it will be years before something new pops up on the Riviera site (either a stadium, more convention space or both), the memories of this piece of Las Vegas are still fresh in our minds. In fact, I remember my stay on Riviera’s last night like it was yesterday.

Ok, enough nostalgia. What goes up must come down and while I hate to see yet another piece of Vegas history destroyed, I kind of accepted this phenomenon awhile ago. Over the years I have also come to really enjoy watching implosion videos and as technology has progressed they have only improved. While I think the Clarion drone implosion video is my favorite, this one is up there.

Anyway, this video comes directly from Controlled Demolition who used their unique access to place cameras at vantage points others couldn’t. The results are very cool. Enjoy!

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