Vegas Travel Hacker (Miles & Points) Meetup – Are You Interested?


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Photo by Daniel Knott.

Possible Las Vegas Meetup

As many of you know, I am based in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Many of you have contacted me to ask about future meetups or get togethers in the city, but I haven’t had time to arrange anything. With that said, I wanted to see if anyone is interested in attending an informal get together in the next month or two. (Probably mid-September.)

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, but decided that I would put it out there for your feedback. Either way I will probably host some sort of meetup, but depending on how many people are interested, I may make it more formal as opposed to simply meeting somewhere and chatting for a couple of hours.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any suggestions such as venue (not the Centurion Lounge), format, etc. Hopefully we will be able to make it for a time and date that will work for locals as well as anyone who wants to come to town for the meetup. (If such person exists.)

Hopefully enough people are interested so we can get together, chat and network. I have found that small meetups and events are incredibly valuable ways to learn. Since so much of what we do varies geographically, talking to locals in your area can also help tremendously.

Comment away and hopefully I’ll have something to announce soon!

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  1. I’ll be in Vegas staying at the Bellagio August 26th to the 30th. Even if people aren’t available for an informal gather, I’ll spot you a drink or two and talk travel!

    • Should say that a weekend would work best. In September, the third weekend (19-20th) might work. But either of first two weekends in October would be great. Not that my schedule should matter. 🙂

  2. In all honesty, the Centurion Lounge would be a perfect meetup spot. Free drinks and food! 🙂

    Just buy a refundable ticket from SouthWest

    • I do see the benefits of it, but I know not everyone is comfortable with doing that. My goal is to be as inclusive as possible. For the record though, if others feel the same way feel free to let me know. I am not opposed in principle to the Centurion Lounge, but want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in going.

      • Exactly.

        My only problem is that doing a Travel Hackers meetup onsite at a lounge is shitting where you eat.
        Prefer not to draw more attention and just talk hacking in private.

        Fight Club is meant to be DL and underground. 1st Rule of Fight Club. You dont talk about FIght Club.

        Besides, doing a MeetUp offsite somewhere away from the airport or the strip will make coming/going easy and more flexible for everyone. Although it would be super easy for those flying in to LAS and just walk straight to the AMEX lounge. Not everyone is flying.

  3. I’ll be there as long as I don’t have a conflict.
    Weekends would be best especially between mid Sept to mid Oct (except for 1st wknd of Oct)
    Hope this happens!

  4. Hi Sean, Grant from TWG is planning a meetup in the Amex Lounge at the airport, would you co-host with him to make it even more fun ?

  5. I am gone most of the month. September 8-9, September 17-22, or Sep 28-30 all work. I know a few local FTers who would like to join.

    • Hey Angelina! I am out of town that weekend or else it would make a lot of sense. Right now it looks like the third weekend in September works for the most people, but I am still waiting since I know others will see this throughout the day. Maybe we can plan another one for the next time you are in town in the future.

  6. I’d come down from Seattle for this if it was a weekend.

    I don’t have access to the Centurion Lounge.

    What about seeing if Mlife wants to help host something?

    I’ll be in Vegas for Labor Day but I am guessing that isn’t ideal for most… damn, may have to come back another weekend 😉

  7. Love Vegas. My second home.

    I would be SO down to party it up with everyone and talk business. Anything and everything crazy awesome happens in Vegas.

    Money 20/20 is happening is Oct. So if anyone is going to that, I will see you there. Obviously, having meetups during huge conventions is probably not ideal.

  8. I’d be willing to come up from PHX as well. Agree with NinjaX regarding the Centurion Lounge. If the number gets too large, it may not be the best venue.

  9. I’d be interested as well. No matter what date you pick, it won’t work for someone so just pick a date that works for you and I hope to make it.

    Otoh, please look at hotel rates for the dates picked to not make things impossible for out of town.

  10. Sounds like a great idea but are you talking about just meeting for a few hours or meeting opportunities over a couple of days?

    • When youre talking about Vegas, anything is possible bro.

      Just meeting for a few hours can turn into meeting opportunities over a couple of days which may turn into a week of lost memories and your friend ending up locked on the roof of a hotel under a mattress. May also involve ridiculous amounts of naked hotties and a lost baby/tiger. Throw in a random tattoo, random marriage, random strippers… which turns into the ultimate points/miles redemption history of all time.

  11. A reason to visit Vegas again. I am available after September 15 or before August 22. Of course AA close in fee will be charged as I live in Alabama.

  12. Would love to join in the fun but I am only available after September 20th. I am local part of the year and am looking forward to meeting new people in the area.

  13. I’d be interested in meeting up up in September. I’m also registered as an SPG pro, though I have never used it.

    • You should PM Shawn if you’re interested in utilizing SPG Pro and helping coordinate this event. SPG would award you and there are benefits for bringing SPG business, but I am not clear on how the program works. You may want to look into the program first and see if its something you wanna help do.

      Also, I am not sure how “serious” this MeetUp is intended to be. If its a simple Dave&Buster style meetup and for all of us to just chill and talk, then SPG Pro probably not useful. It would be super casual and parking easy and everyone would just do their own thing. A lot are local and some people will probably pick mattress run style hotel prices vs SPG after flying in. But if there is going to be some “formal” presentation and meeting and Q&A session and etc, we probably cant just do it anywhere and should get a small conference room.

      I dont mind paying a “registration fee” for attendance.

  14. I think I have a date and venue figured out. My goal is to do something semi-formal with some sort of a presentation(s) and a Q&A and also to keep it free. I should be able to announce more details tomorrow or Thursday. I am so excited about all of the interest. This is going to be great!


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