Get 10X UR or 10% Back at with Chase Pay


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Get 10X UR or 10% Back at with Chase Pay

About a week ago, Chase sent out emails to some personal Chase Credit Card holders with an offer to get 10X or 10% back at with Chase Pay. The offer looked targeted, but it is now confirmed that all cardholders qualify for the promotion.

The Offer

Shop for millions of your favorite items using your Chase card with Chase Pay at in the month of August and you’ll earn a total of 10X points on up to $250 in purchases from August 1 – 31, 2017.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Shop online at and proceed to check out.
  2. On the “Enter Payment Method” page, click the “+More” button.
  3. If enrolled in Chase Pay, select the Chase Pay button and sign in with your username and password.
  4. You’ll automatically earn a total of 10 points per $1 spent (up to $250 in purchases). That’s 9 extra points in addition to the 1 point you always earn on purchases other than travel and dining.

Eligible Cards

  • Freedom
  • Freedom Unlimited
  • Sapphire
  • Sapphire Preferred
  • Sapphire Reserve


This is a great offer that can be easily maximized even if you have a few of these cards and all cards qualify, without the need to enroll. You need to make your purchase online and gift cards are not excluded in the terms of the offer. You can possibly earn some portal cashback as well.

HT: Doctor of Credit

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  1. I think you are using the term “great offer” incorrectly. Its for a max of 2500 pts per card. thats 25-50$ tops. Hard to get excited about something that low.

      • no. it is a GREAT offer. dont be ridiculous just based on one comment. do you know how many people spend a lot of time buying $200 VGC for 5x? this is 10x dude. if its worth it at 5x then for sure its worth it at 10x.

        2,500 UR points only worth $25-50 tops? umm… sure if thats how you like to value them.

        the issue is not about the points. its about the fraud shit that happens so u cant even get the points.

        • Whos gonna pretend a UR pt is worth more than that? Are you a Chase employee or something? Its 25-50$ maybe. If you are allowed to use on multiple cards, if it pays out on Chasepay if if if.

        • Yes sir, I’d recommend anyone click that DoC link which is littered with data points re:fraud and make sure you’re aware of the possibility that this deal has that * attached that screams possible PITA.

  2. Beware of faulty chasepay causing you to be potentially locked out of your online account and your purchases declined due to fraud concerns. Then the joy of an hour phone call and being transferred to various departments that cant help you.

  3. Worked and 10x posted for Reserve and Freedom. Fedexed gift delivery at no charge. Under $250 in gift cards do not require call to activate as they come “hot”.

  4. does the $250 limit apply to each person or to each card? So if I have 2 different eligible chase cards does that mean there’s a $250 cap on each card or overall?

  5. Just did a test – wondering to see how fast the credit shows up.

    Also I bought a $250 card, which let’s see how much of a hassle that turns out to be.


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