Walmart Wants to Buy Your Gift Cards! Exchange Other Merchant Gift Cards for Walmart Gift Cards Starting Tomorrow!


walmart gift card trade in

Trade In Gift Cards for Walmart Gift Cards

Walmart and Card Cash are teaming to launch a new gift card trade-in program. It works the same way as other similar programs that offer cash for your gift cards except you get a Walmart eGift card instead.

Under this program, the two companies promise to offer up to 97% of the value of gift cards from 200 different merchants. What that offer is depends on which merchant’s gift card you are trading in.

You can find a full FAQ about the new program here.


walmart gift card trade in

This program will begin tomorrow, however as of right now there is no way to tell exactly how much they will be offering for each merchant. I suspect it won’t be that much more than other sites.

Before trading in your gift cards I recommend checking out Gift Card Granny which will tell you how much each of the gift card sites will offer. Walmart should pay a premium considering you are locking yourself into their ecosystem.


While this program sounds good on the surface, I suspect the trade-in rates won’t be much better then at other sites. With that said, this could be a good thing for Walmart shoppers. I guess we will see tomorrow.

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  1. Being that you’re paid in Walmart gift cards the percent SHOULD be higher. Of course anything that starts with UP TO pretty much means nothing.

    We’ll see.


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