Warning! Chase & Southwest Offering Free Booze To Your Valentine!


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Today when I opened my mailbox, a pretty envelope addressed to my wife was sitting inside.  After looking it over, I was overcome with joy to see that it was a Valentine’s Day card from Southwest & Chase.

The joy quickly subsided though when I remembered that this unexpected expression of LUV was addressed to my wife.  I couldn’t wait for her to come home.  I had to open it.  As I peaked inside my suspicions were confirmed.

IMG_20140211_162523They were trying to replace me as her beloved with messages like, “Be My Valentine”, & “U R Sweet”! Additionally, they gave her four coupons for free booze the next time she flies.  How can I compete with that?

Spouses of the travel world, let this be a lesson.  Intercept those insidious free drink coupons before your valentine is forever lost to Chase & Southwest!  Teach them a lesson the next time you fly by getting drunk for free and telling the whole plane about their insidious plan!


If your valentine didn’t receive these vouchers then I am sorry.  Maybe they just aren’t as special as my wife!  Happy Valentine’s Day Jasmine! I Love You! =)

Note: The vouchers appear to be sent out to Southwest cardholders.  There is no indication for which card they are sending these out since my wife holds both a personal and business version.  Each of the four vouchers expires on 12/31/14 and appear to be generic since they don’t have anyone’s name on them!


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