Wyndham Accused of Deceptive Practices for its Timeshare Sales


wyndham timeshare lawsuit

Wyndham Accused of Deceptive Practices for its Timeshare Sales

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Wyndham Vacation Resorts. The Wyndham timeshare lawsuit claims that their sales policies and practices regarding timeshares are deceptive.

Deceptive Practices

Plaintiffs AnnaMarie Deneen, Michael J. Deneen, Erin Munoz, Paul Munoz, and Nazret Z. Gebremeskel say that Wyndham makes misrepresentations to customers about numerous features in their vacation plans, such as the value of timeshare points, cleaning services that are available to the vacationers and more.

“Wyndham’s business model is premised on the false assumption that you can lie to consumers to get them to sign confusing, vague and ambiguous boilerplate contracts and that because then there is a purported written agreement, you have no liability for the lies,” the Wyndham class action lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit says that after getting consumers to sign form contracts through deceptive sales practices, Wyndham then breaches its contract by not making destination accommodations available, by charging excessive fees not referenced in the contract, and by failing to provide promised ancillary services. Even while on vacation, people are pushed to attend an owner meeting update, which is just a sales presentation for Wyndham to purchase more points.

The Wyndham class action lawsuit states that the hotel chain has been penalized in the past for their deceptive sales practices from state governments

This is a good reminder about what to expect from these timeshare presentations. We sometimes post offers that require you seating through a sales pitch. While that offer might be a good deal, it’s not a good idea to get locked in a long timeshare contract over it.

Wyndham Timeshare Lawsuit Details

The Wyndham Timeshare Class Action Lawsuit is Deneen, et al. v. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Inc., Case No. 1:19-cv-05499, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

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  1. Ha this 100% sounds like Wyndham. I am sort of a Timeshare guru where I set my calendar to reattend when im able to collect the free gifts. Hands down Wyndham is the worst when it comes to sales I love to catch them in their lies their sales reps make that an easy task and they are always so rude, Hilton is 2nd worst, then Bluegreen, Diamond, Marriot and Disney is most kind.
    Although Wyndham is the only timeshare you can reattend every 6 months all others is once per year. Wyndham normally gives the best standard gifts (1 week hard to book resprt stay or 2 free nights at a Wyndham property) plus some small perks and discounts.
    Although Wyndham by far is the worst sales reps ever for me I love it because they always make it spool easy for me to get nasty right back and happy say hell no 🙂 I always catch them in lies, confront the lie and when they know they are caught most get nasty, I love it. I don’t feel so bad going every 6 months for the free gifts. When I go to Disney they are usually so kind I feel guilty to say no. When I go to Wyndham first thing on my mind is what A…hole will I get this time with their fake smiles & kindness upfront which always turns in to nasty smart A$$ towards the end when they sense your not interested.

  2. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against Wyndham for breach of contract with current owners. I have been fighting a battle with them for two years.

  3. This is exactly why we dislike Wyndham! Their concierge desk only helps you if you waste hours of your precious vacation time listening to their sales pitch one more time! We have complained about this on numerous vacations. We have another timeshare that gives us a continental breakfast the first morning. They have a travel agent at that breakfast who helps you book tours you are interested in at a discount price. No sales pitch. They do give the sales office number in case you are interested in buying more time. One year out we have always been able to book the resort we have chosen. That never happens at Wyndham.


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