Walmart Buck$ Transfer to Bluebird Are Still Doubling – Act Fast!


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savings catcher double bluebird

2X Walmart Buck$ to Bluebird

I have written pretty extensively about Walmart’s Savings Catcher program. (Here is a full review and explanation.) One of the ways Walmart aimed to make the program more attractive was to double the amount of Walmart Buck$ you receive when they are transferred to your Bluebird card.

This “doubling of the difference” paved the way for many great deals. Unfortunately it was  is only a temporary promotion and was set to end yesterday. Thankfully though, I discovered this morning that the promotion is still active.

savings catcher double bluebird
My $.02 was doubled to $.04 this morning. Yipee!

When Will It End?

Walmart has not changed the language about the date of expiration, but as of now the system is still doubling transfers of Walmart Buck$ to Bluebird. Between the recent devaluation of the program and the end of this doubling promotion, I am not sure of the value of the program going forward, but at least for now it still makes a lot of sense.

If you have Walmart Buck$ sitting in your account waiting to be redeemed, make sure to send them to your Bluebird card as soon as possible to get them doubled. Hopefully Walmart will extend this promotion, but my guess is they will stop the doubling very soon since they haven’t updated the terms on their website.

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  1. I admit I have never heard about Walmart bucks. Your made 2 cents? Jeez, you could get a better return by simply looking on the floor near any cashier.

    • No I have been traveling and haven’t shopped at Walmart in awhile. I bought a $1 soda that was $.98 elsewhere so I would have money in my account to test this.

      People routinely save 10-15% weekly with Savings Catcher, so it is a good program for a lot of people. Feel free to take the time to read about it if you wish.

    • I keep my Wal mart saving catcher money on my blue bird card I bought a new 125.00 for my granddaughter at Christmas and after using my blue bird card I only had to pay .73 cents so her bike was basically free so how about that ,y friends

  2. I was able to redeem to bluebird before with very favorable results…I’ve saved well over 70 bucks within a 1 to 2 month period. Today I tried to redeem to bluebird but only have the option to place on an Wal-Mart egift card. Was this option removed when they stopped doubling the points?

    • at this time no you just have to make sure the bluebird is till connected to the Walmart saving catcher site and how to do that you go to the website online and you can check it out buy just going to edit and make sure it is still connected and if it is not then you can just check on it and it will redeemed back to the Bluebird account of yours.

  3. I went to Wal-Mart website like William advised because I too was only able to get my $ on a e-card. It then gave me the option to get an e-card or to put on my blue bird card. It didn’t however double the savings this time around 🙁

  4. I bought my groceries on 02/27, but my receipt didn’t process until March 1 and I wasn’t given the option to double since the promo ended 2/28. Seems like I should have gotten the credit since the items were purchased before the deadline.

  5. Shawn,
    Has bluebird ended its relationship with walmart? I know the doubling was limited time, but I tried to move my Walmart bucks to Bluebird, but could not.

  6. In the page of walmart, log in and go to Savings Catcher. SELECT “Redeem Method”, there you select BlueBird.

    I already did it, and went to my BlueBird account to verify, and it did have a new balance.

    • A recent email from WalMart says they recognize the app issue transferring to Bluebird. Frankly, without the doubling program in effect, there really is no need for me to even keep the Bluebird account open. Less incentive to shop WalMart as well. This will cost them both.

  7. It is like shopping all the store sales and you only have to go to one store. With very little effort I have collected $160 on my Bluebird card since Oct 2014. I am sure the savings will not add up as quickly now that they are not doubling. I average $3-6 dollars a week, for a family of 3. Still a deal.

  8. Bluebird isn’t available or visible on the Walmart app anymore.
    my bluebird acct has over 210 buckso from the Walmart double program..but no more access SUCKS and agreed that it’ll keep me from shopping there as often as before.

  9. Just redeemed to BlueBird today, but I had to go online on my PC and it was tricky to get the “Redeem to BlueBird” option. The link to get to that option says something like “BlueBird Offer” and you click on that, then you are directed to the BlueBird dashboard where you can redeem to your BlueBird account. It also did not double, so I think that has officially expired.

  10. Can someone please help me? I have 2 questions. First how do i get my walmart bucks transferred to my bluebird card? Also it appears i have redeemed some of my bucks (accorfing to walmart savings catcher website .i have no idea how i did that. I have no other credit/debit cards .
    I appreciate any input. Thank you

    • You have to login to the Walmart website and go to the Savings Catcher section. On that page you should see an option to link your Bluebird account. Once it is linked you should be able to transfer your Walmart Buck$ to it.


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