(Targeted) Amazon 20% Off Deal is Back Again with Code

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(Targeted) Amazon 20% Off Deal is Back Again with Code

There has been an amazing Amazon 20% off deal floating around for a few weeks now.  Some people were able to get it twice originally, some only once, and some never.  I even showed you how to make your account get targeted for it.

Well now there is a code that may make it work where it wasn’t working before.

20% Off Code

I was only able to use the original deal 1 time on my wife’s account and my father’s account.  With this code it made it so I was able to use the deal a second time on my father’s account.  It did not work on my wife’s account though.  His is a Prime account and her account is not so that is probably the difference there.


Here is the link for the 20% offer (our affiliate link)

Amazon gift cards have worked in the past some of the time when adding a $100 filler item with it.  But you may be better off purchasing a Prime Day discounted item since they are giving you the 20% off the original price.

Paying With Points

In order to be eligible for this promotion, you need a card that earns Membership Rewards points linked to your account. You must also activate the Shop With Points feature for that card here. When checking out select that card and you should see the ability to pay with points. Make sure to only use 1 point as shown below so the rest will be charged to your card.

Amazon 20% Off Membership Rewards Promotion


This is like the deal that will not die and I love it!  It is an easy money maker or can save you a ton of money on something you were going to buy anyway.  Just be careful if you buy Airbnb gift cards.

Hat Tip – Doctor of Credit


    • This helped me get 2 on a second account but still only working one time on the third but that is a non prime account so I am not sure if that is why.

    • I can’t remember anyone ever having an issue with Amazon purchases in the past. You can always pay with an Amazon gift card at checkout and pay with the one point to avoid all that. Can’t use your balance though has to be an unredeemed gift card.


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