Good News! You Can Now Link Amex Offers to 3rd Party & Bluebird/Serve Cards Again! Here’s How…

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American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

A few months back Amex broke my heart when they killed the social media method of loading Amex Offers to cards. While this decision by Amex killed my Twitter automation on all cards, it also killed any ability I had to load offers to Amex cards issued by a 3rd party banks. For example, I have Amex cards issued by both BBVA Compass and Citi that I have used in the past to take advantage of offers.

Now, Amex has brought back the ability to load offers to those cards with a new website called American Express Connect. When you visit the page, you can see which offers are available. As of now there aren’t any mind blowing offers, but there are 10 to choose from.

How to Load Offers to American Express Connect

First visit the American Express Connect page. Once you find an offer you want, click “Add to Card” to begin the process of loading it.

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

You will then see a popup asking for your card information. Make sure to use a real email address so you will get a confirmation that your card is linked to the offer. You can also read the offer terms at this point. (See below.)

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

Once you click to submit the information, you will receive a confirmation that the offer has been added. Note that the confirmation doesn’t show the card number at all which hopefully won’t be a problem.

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

Once you submit your info for the first offer, the site briefly saves a cookie so you don’t have to reenter your information to link another offer. This comes in handy since everything is pre-filled when you click the next offer.  

Tip: If you are going to link offers to multiple cards it is probably best to use a new incognito/private session each time.

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers

American Express Connect Confirmation Email Issue

As I mentioned before, you will also receive a confirmation email showing that the offer is linked to your card. Well sort of. The confirmation email does have the card number, but it DOES NOT have the merchant. It seems like this is an error and hopefully it will be fixed soon, because you really have no proof that a specific offers is linked to the card considering the website doesn’t list the card number on the confirmation.

American Express Connect Link Amex Offers


I am very happy that Amex has added the ability to load Amex Offers to third party cards (plus Serve/Bluebird prepaid cards). While the available offers right now aren’t too special, hopefully future non-targeted offers will be available on American Express Connect. I also hope they fix the email confirmation bug soon so proving you loaded an offer isn’t an issue if it doesn’t trigger the credit.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about this new service or do you still miss the old automated Twitter method?

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