• I have a spreadsheet I track them on. I usually don’t do more than 2 at a time and once I close them down I move onto more. I know some people do much more than that at a time but with the direct deposit etc. I don’t like doing more than 2 at a time.

  1. Bold, brazen yet encouraging. Several banks have already put new restrictions on these. Yet here we go and advertise with statements like “I’m gonna do $3k!” Reminds me of CC days before 2016. You simply never learn.

  2. i just got Charles Schwab for the same reasoning haha hoping to get Platinum so i can unload my MR at 1.25 rate. Q- when did you got your $100 bonus from them? I’m still waiting

  3. I’m just did my first bank bonus and am also doing an investment bonus. I find the credit cards easier but thought I’d give this a try. Does one need to space out the bank account openings ?

    • They do have a similar system to credit inquiries but most banks are pretty lenient on it and people only get denied after doing a ton really. If you do 5-10 per year you shouldn’t have any issues.


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