Amex Listens: The Tiny Centurion Studio in Seattle Is Expanding!


Centurion Studio Seattle Expansion

Amex Centurion Studio Seattle Expansion

Last month I tried to write a review of the American Express Centurion Studio in Seattle. The only issue is the place was so overrun that I didn’t feel comfortable taking photos nor did I feel I could even review it. Instead, my friend and I took off and used my Priority Pass to visit another lounge. The other lounge didn’t have the same level of amenities, but it was nice enough and it was much more comfortable.

The truth is the Centurion Studio is simply way too small of a space for that airport and in my opinion it is bad for the overall brand. Thankfully, it seems that American Express is now going to be doing something about it. An airport memo suggests that the lounge will be growing by almost 50% as part of a new expansion project.

The Expansion

Currently the Centurion Studio Seattle is a cozy 3,100 square feet. Small by any standards. After the expansion, the lounge will grow to a “beefy” 4,500 square feet. Ok, that is still really really small, but larger nonetheless. In addition to the added square footage, the lounge will gain a full bar (instead of just beer and wine now), a shower and an additional restroom. The outdoor view which was blocked by Delta’s new SkyClub, will be partially restored as well.

One other interesting note in the memo is that the airport is looking for a more permanent 10,000 square foot space for American Express to build a full lounge. That would make it the largest Centurion Lounge if it happens, but I suppose that project is down the line somewhat. Either way, more space is needed and it is coming. We just don’t know exactly when.

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  1. “Either way, more space is needed and it is coming. We just don’t know exactly when.”

    Yea. That and stop letting everyone and their dog and unborn children churn an Amex Plat. So there. I said it. Sounds l33t but needs to be said because every lounge is overrun regardless of size. Who enjoys waiting in a long line to use the restroom INSIDE a lounge? kidding me… I didnt know the Centurion Lounge was a Justin Bieber concert…

  2. They told me the first week they opened that it was the only space they could get at the airport at the time and that they were working from day one for more space. They even named it different than their other product in a nod to the fact that it wasn’t the same. I look forward to seeing the 10,000 sf lounge.

    • 10k lounge wont do anything bro… anyone who has seen the circus knows what I am talking about. amex is totally diluted. 10k = larger of the same problem. i fully expect amex to bust out similar CX limits. they did it correctly and it makes a lot of sense. resets the bar.


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