Calculating Ink & OBC Spend, Virgin America 50,001 Plan, More Seattle Centurion Info & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

How to Calculate your $50k Annual Spend on INK and OBC

Thankfully Chase has made this really easy with the Ink cards now, but it isn’t quite the same with Amex. This is definitely stuff you should keep up on, especially if you are a big spender considering that your earnings drop off a cliff once you hit the annual limit.

Best Buy Celebrates 50 Years With 50 Deals For 50 Hours (Starts 8/18 At 11PM ET )

Best Buy is holding an anniversary sale. You can find the details here. I’m going to be honest that nothing really stands out to me, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a gem or two once the full sale begins tonight. It definitely is worth a look in my opinion.

What is Your Virgin America 50,001 Plan? Can You Earn Status Through 2017 Without Flying Them?

Now that you have all of those Virgin America Elevate points sitting in your account from the JetBlue match, what are you going to do with them? Stefan asks that question and it is a good one. At the very least make sure they don’t expire! 🙂

Update on New Centurion, Delta, and Alaska Airlines Lounges in Seattle

The other day I covered the proposed Seattle Centurion Studio expansion. This is a good overview of the Seattle lounge situation including a blueprint of the space the Centurion Studio will move into and just how big that Delta SkyClub next door is. Worth a look for anyone who flies through Seattle often.

World’s first all-suite business class introduced in Delta One

Delta announced their new business class product which will debut on the A350 and it does look pretty amazing. Each seat is its own suite with a door and it has all of the bells and whistles as well. It is good to see between American’s new seats, Delta’s older and new product and United’s Polaris that we will see decent business class offerings across all of the major carriers. Of course, this stuff only goes on new planes for now.

Great Deals

Groupon is offering a stacked discount. $5 off $30, $10 off $50 or $15 off $60. 25% off at the $60 level ain’t bad. Use the code TAKEOFF for the discount. Ends 8/19. Limit 3 uses. Use a portal to save more.

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