Is The Citi AA Executive 100,000 Mile Offer Finally Dead?


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Did The Offer Die

A few weeks ago I was the first to bring the rumor of the demise of the Citi AA Executive 100,000 mile offer. The next day the offer did indeed officially go away. Even though it is officially gone, there have been so called “zombie” links that still work.

A zombie link is the direct link to the application page. These links don’t have a splash page or any details of the offer, but they have always consistently given the correct bonus.  The zombie links for this offer have been working ever since the it officially went away, but an error began appearing yesterday.


An Error Message

Citibank Card Offer

When pulling up the application the site states, “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application. Please try again later.” Since the error isn’t saying the page cannot be found, perhaps this is just a problem with Citi’s systems that will be corrected.

My guess is that they have indeed pulled the zombie applications so that no one else can get the offer. I don’t see how they could continue to give out that many miles without losing a ton of money. Especially when many people are getting the card over and over.

Stay Tuned

This situation is still developing and the best place to find the latest is this Flyertalk thread.  As of right now none of the 100,000 mile links are working. I sincerely hope they come back, because I wanted to get another one! I am not holding my breath though.

HT: The Reward Boss


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