eBay Gift Card Deals & Analysis: Which Ones Are Good for Resale?


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ebay gift card sale


eBay has a number of gift cards on sale from both GiftCardMall and SVM Gift Cards. Some of these are possible reselling moneymakers so I would highlight a couple of them.

Basic Economics of this eBay Gift Card Sale

Before I list the deals and look at a couple of good ones, I’ll break down the basics of what I’ll be basing the math on.

  • Purchases of these cards earn 2% in eBay Bucks. Some members like me were targeted for 3X eBay Bucks or 6% back. My math will be based on the 6%.
  • You can earn 2% cashback through the Splender portal (my review) or Plenti is paying back 4 points per dollar spent. I’ll base my math on the 2%.

Discounted Gift Cards

Here are the discounted gift cards available listed by seller. All of these discounted gift cards can be found on the eBay sale page.

  • $50 DSW Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • $50 Golfsmith Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • $50 P.F. Chang’s Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • $50 Carter’s / OshKosh B’gosh Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • $50 Petco Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80 – Limit 3
  • $50 Gander Mountain Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • Buy $100 Carnival Cruise Lines Gift Card and get a bonus $20 – Limit 2
  • $50 Dave & Buster’s Gift Card for $40 – Limit 3
  • Buy $50 Cabela’s Gift Card and get a bonus $10 ($60 Value) – Limit 3
SVM Gift Cards
  • $100 ExxonMobil Gas Gift Card For Only $92 – Limit 3
  • $100 ChevronTexaco Gas Gift Card For Only $95 – Limit 3
  • $200 Hyatt Hotels Gift Card For Only $175 – Limit 2
  • $100 CVS Gift Card For Only $88 – Limit 3

Reselling Moneymakers?

A few of these cards can be profitable moneymakers. Let’s look at some examples.

3 X $100 ExxonMobil for $92 each

ebay gift card sale

  • Purchase price: $276
  • eBay Bucks earned: $16.56
  • Portal cashback: $5.52
  • Total cost: $253.92
  • Resell for: $270 (90%)

Is this the biggest moneymaker? No, but it is free spend. This could also be seen as 12.6% off of gasoline.

3 X $100 ChevronTexaco for $95 each

ebay gift card sale

  • Purchase price: $285
  • eBay Bucks earned: $17.10
  • Portal cashback: $5.70
  • Total cost: $262.20
  • Resell for: $270.90 (90.3%)

More Cards?

There are a couple of other deals on the list that could be profitable, but I’ll let you discover those for yourself. I personally think ~20% off Hyatt is fairly good and ~19% off CVS isn’t bad either. Those might be about breakeven or a slight loss for resale, but could be very nice discounts for personal use.


I personally purchased the gas cards and am thinking about the CVS deal. If I didn’t already have a nice stockpile of Hyatt cards, I would purchase some to lock in a 20% discount. Either way, there is some opportunity here. I won’t lie and say these deals are better than they have been in the past, because they aren’t. Prices have increased, but there is still enough profit margins on some cards to make a few bucks. Once again, you can find all of the discounted cards here.

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  1. Good breakdown and I agree with your thoughts. I bought the exxon and chevron with the intention of flipping them.

    Other than that everything else is very, very meh. Even the cards I did buy were done at watered down discount rates (3x instead of 4x or 5x and $92/95 instead of $90 for $100 gc). I’m not trying to complain either, it’s up to ebay and SVM to set the prices but it doesn’t change the fact that this grouping of gift cards a few weeks before Christmas is, relatively speaking, quite crappy.

    • I completely agree. The discounts during the back to school period were much better. I haven’t seen a $100 gas gift card for $90 since September. We also had that killer Staples $200 gift card for $170 with a 5x limit from PPDG on eBay and then a week later from PPDG directly. I made off with almost 70k Chase UR and $500 bucks from those back to school sales.

  2. The UA and AA portal bonus offers kick in at midnight, so assuming either/both of these deals last until then, you might want to think about using those portals for the deal. Depending on your need for miles, etc.


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