ATW: Wyndham 15K Castles, Chase Devaluation?, Airline Stopover Guide, Best Buy Lawsuit & More!

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

Here are some posts from around the web that caught our eye that I thought you may find interesting!  Let me know if there is anything good I missed.  Email me anything awesome that you find, or write, at

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Get Free Roku Express and 1K Swagbucks with Two Months of Sling TV Service – Danny the Deal Guru

Pretty great deal if you were thinking about cutting the cord.

5 takeaways after staying at 30 different IHG hotels – Points with a Crew

I agree with pretty much all of Ian’s points brought up in the article.  The one that hurts me the most is how Pointsbreaks have become worthless.  I used to use a few a year and I haven’t seen anything interesting in almost 2 years now.  With the increase in prices I hoped they would at least offer better hotels but same ole junk so far.

Best Buy Class Action Lawsuit Says ‘0% Interest’ Offer Is Deceptive – Top Class Actions

I have always thought the 0% offers were a little bait and switch.  Hopefully this changes that practice.  It only attacks the people who can least afford it.  Although they probably shouldn’t be buying the stuff anyway.

Why Faster Ultimate Reward Redemptions, May Lead To Faster Devaluation – Running With Miles

Dustin makes some interesting points about Chase’s last report where they lost $330 Million on rewards.  I am sure they will be looking at ways to trim that number even though they made more profit than ever.  Because remember, it is all about the $$$$.


A good guide about which airlines still allow stopovers.  Also some good suggestions for cities.

Seeking value, finding adventure for 15K Wyndham points per night – Frequent Miler

This is the results of the amazing Wyndham offer from a year or so ago.  I was unable to take advantage of the offer but it is cool to see how it all worked out.


Which article did you find most interesting?  Remember to let me know of anything you come across that you want added into the next edition at


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