How Many Chase Cards Can One Person Have?


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how many chase credit cards

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How Many Chase Credit Cards?

Anyone involved with travel rewards programs knows that Chase has the best lineup of cards in this space. There are simply too many good cards and not enough wallet slots to fill them. Among my favorite cards are the Chase Ink, Freedom, Sapphire Preferred and IHG Rewards Club, all of which I currently hold.

Of course it is important to plan long term about your credit card application strategy, but sometimes an amazing offer comes along. For example, Chase just released the highest ever offer on their Southwest Premier business card. There was also the Hyatt 20% bonus that lured many people to apply for that card. These situations do come up and sometimes you just want to get a new card without having to close another one.

Hitting A Wall

A lot of people I know have hit a wall with Chase. After applying for one of these offers, they are told that they have too many Chase cards or too much credit with the bank. Chase is often good with allowing people to shift credit or close one card to open another, but that isn’t always the case and as mentioned before, it isn’t always ideal.

Over the years I have heard varying accounts as to how many Chase cards once person can have. Some people have said 5 total, others have said 6 or 7. Some people don’t count business cards in their total numbers while others do.

how many chase credit cards
The Ink Plus is my overall favorite Chase credit card.

8 Cards!?!

Someone I know was recently approved for their 8th Chase card. This person has five personal cards and was approved for their 3rd business card. This means that it is definitely possible to have a total of 8 cards with Chase. (The business cards are all issued under this person’s social security number and not an EIN.)

I am not advocating that anyone get 8 cards, but I thought this information may be of use to some people and at the very least it can help to provide a data point. In that vein, I also thought it would be good to have a poll where you the readers can share anonymously & honestly how many cards you have.

If you have anything else to add or additional data points to provide, feel free to do so in the comments. Have a great day!

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Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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  1. My wife has quite a few more than me – she has 7 personal and 3 business! I can’t believe they keep issuing her personal cards.

  2. Hmm…just went back up to 8 (3 business), after cancelling a United card last December. I didn’t think it was a big deal. Was asked to call in rather than getting instant approval. When I called and was asked about the number of cards I said (accurately) that I liked to travel and Chase had the best selection of cards for travel spend. Approval came back 30 seconds later with a shift in credit line.

  3. All they really care about is your total available credit, they’ll give you 20 cards with 2,000 each or 1 card with 40,000, that’s their big concern. I just started moving credit around to get more cards.

  4. I have 8 personal cards with Chase at the moment and zero business. Cancelling a couple soon though as the annual fees are coming due.

  5. I had 4 Chase cards until recently (SW, BA, Hyatt, and Freedom). I cancelled the Southwest card a couple weeks ago, and then applied for the IHG- I was rejected due to “too many cards with Chase. I’m hoping to apply for either the Ink Business or Sapphire Preferred pretty soon, so I’ll probably have to call Chase and have a discussion with them.

  6. 6 personal, 0 business. I just got the IHG card and was surprised they instantly approved me (albeit with only a $2k limit) when I already had 5 cards

  7. I have had 7 personal cards with Chase in 2014 alone. My first card with Chase is United (May 2014). My seventh is Ritz Carlton (December 2014). lol.
    2015 will be a break however.

  8. I have 5 personal, 3 business. Husband has 4 personal, 2 business. We have one joint card (Slate from many years ago).

    DH and I were both recently approved for the IGH card. Had to call to move credit lines around before approval.

  9. I have 5 personal (no business). When I got the most recent one I had to get rid of one in return. They would NOT just move limits around ($70K total Chase credit limits).

  10. I have 9. CSP, Freedom, Ink, Southwest Personal, Southwest Business, United Personal, United Business, Hyatt, and IHG.

    I actually got 7 of them in the past 8 months, believe it or not.

  11. Shawn, unless you’re looking for a category award on BA, would you please consider increasing your font size by one (or hopefully two)?

    Your posts are of a length that I don’t feel will be negatively impacted. But you’re definitely the “finest print on BA”.

    It’s truly hard to read.


    • Thanks for the feedback Colleen. We are actually working on a complete site redesign including mobile responsiveness that will launch within the next couple of weeks. I agree the type is small and it will definitely be fixed in the redesign. Thanks again!

  12. I have five personal cards (IHG, Freedom, United Select, United Explorer, Amazon), and am looking to apply for a few more this year, so thanks everyone for the info–I’m encouraged!

  13. currently have -7- personal and -1- business there will be a reshuffling later this year with SWA to restart my companion pass I interchange it with spouse every 18 months so that we have a continual companion pass option.

  14. Currently have 11 – nine personal and two business (Amazon, BP, Slate, Freedom x2, United, IHG, Marriott, Hyatt, Ink Bold x2). I believe my maximum was 12, as I just added the Hyatt, but closed the British Airways and AirTrans/SWA within the past couple months. They quoted my total combined credit limit as I tried to open the Hyatt and said I’d reached the limit, but did shuffle limits to accommodate.

  15. When I called chase to put in a travel notification on my cards last week I asked the rep a few questions. He said he didn’t know that Chase had a limit on the amount of cards one could have. He said it depends on the individual’s credit score, income and spending habits. He also said he knows of one person he dealt with that had 19 personal cards active at the same time. Chase is a pretty valuable company for travel rewards community!

  16. Shawn, What are the chances Chase will decline my wife if she applies for 2 of their personal cards and a business card in the same day online assuming credit and income aren’t an issue? Will they categorically deny applications posted on the same day or ?? TIA

    • That is pushing it, but I don’t believe they have a hard rule about how many applications you can do in one day. I know a lot of people who have been approved for both a personal and a business card in the same day.

  17. Well, i think it also applies to Airline Cards. I have A Personal, United Card. I applied and got approved for Business United. So far so good. But then I applied for Business Mariott, and got a letter denying because off too many applications. I called, and was informed that I can’t apply for Too Many Chase Cards in A Short Time, but that there is no specific, exact limit on how many apps, Or How Much Time. I don’t like vagueness, LOL.

  18. Hi. I find this very interesting since i have 8 personal credit cards with Chase, And also an auto lease loan.
    (Over the last two years i opened 9 chase cards and i closed one card in the process to avoid the annual fee)
    I opened them as follows
    Marriott, Freedom, Sapphire, British Airways,
    Hyatt, IHG, United, Southwest, and last week Fairmont.
    (The Marriott, Hyatt and IHG i paid the annual fee because of the annual free night. The Sapphire i downgraded, The Britiah Airways i closed and the United, Southwest and Fairmont im still in the first free year).
    After my 7th card i leased a Mazda CX-5 and got approved by Chase for an Auto loan (i didnt even know that Mazda doesnt have their own motor finance and uses a 3rd party. Luckily Chase approved me).
    Meanwhile With Barclays i got denied the Hawaiian Airlines card because i have too many cards (have 3).

    • hi! do all of your chase points show up together or do you have different points for each card? I’m just wondering if when it comes time to book my flight i can use all the points from both cards or if i will have to use them seperately?


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