Hyatt Is Selling Food & Beverage Credit At A Discount – Stacking Possible?


Hyatt Selling Food & Beverage Credit At A Discount

Hyatt Selling Food & Beverage Credit At A Discount

I have received this offer a few times from Hyatt and I found it interesting and worth looking at a little deeper.  On a few of my previous Hyatt stays they have sent me an email a few days before arrival with some offers.  These offers usually include late checkout or and upgrade etc. But on the last few I have been offered food and beverage credit at a discount.  This is very intriguing and I wonder if there is a way to stack it for even more of a discount.

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Details of the Offer

On my most recent stay at the Grand Hyatt Denver (review upcoming) I received the offer 2 days before my scheduled check in.  The Grand Hyatt Denver offered me early check in for $29 (1PM guaranteed).  I thought that was a terrible offer but the one that caught my eye was $40 worth of food credit for $30.  That is a discount of 25%, which is pretty great.

Hyatt Selling Food & Beverage Credit At A Discount

Hyatt is likely offering this in hopes that you will spend more money on the property.  They are hoping you will go over the $40 or maybe not use it all creating breakage.  If you decide to take them up on the offer be sure to use all of it.  This is a great way to get a discount on room service if you are not a Globalist member.

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Is Stacking Possible?

American Express comes out with Hyatt Amex Offers quite frequently.  Depending on how these prepay food and beverage credits post you may be able to stack them with an Amex Offer.  If they are simply billed at check out then you should have no problem stacking.

There is a good chance that they will bill for these credits up front before arrival though.  Depending how it codes and if the Amex Offer is a cumulative one it could still work.  Maybe someone who has taken Hyatt up on one of these offers can let us know how they bill.


I didn’t take advantage of this offer since I knew we wouldn’t be in the hotel much and I used a club access award for breakfast.  But if it was in an expensive city like New York City and they had a good on site restaurant I would take advantage of it for sure.  One could hope to get a similar offer at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar but I doubt that would happen.  There are other ways to save money on food there anyway.



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  1. I saw this at the Hyatt in Portland, Maine this April and at the steakhouse in the Hyatt Regency in Houston downtown in November. The Portland one had good drinks!

      • It really is! It’s so prime that it has tbe possibility to be a little loud if it’s a particularly busy night downtown at the bars/club but you can’t beat the location.

  2. Hyatt centric new Orleans offers two drinks for $10 if you buy in advance. Normal price for two cocktails is $26+

  3. I’ve been traveling the world for years and yet to waste my money in a hotel restaurant. Pay 25% more for crappier food. So a 25% discount brings the food to street prices but yeh food is still not that great. Sounds like a rip off to me. There must be something better out there to get exited about than a $10 discount at Hyatt for food.

    • Ryan, always so negative. I guess you have never had drinks at a hotel pool either huh? It says food & beverage.

      There are plenty of Hyatt locations that eating on site is your only option. There are also Hyatt hotels that have restaurants that simply rent out space in the building and are world class restaurants. What about for business travelers that don’t have time to go elsewhere etc.


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