Last Day: Cash in On Best Ever IHG Points Promo + Stack with Credit Card Benefits for Awesome Discounts

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Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion

Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion

This is your last chance to take advantage of the most generous targeted promotion IHG has ever offered on points purchases. Until tomorrow, members are eligible to receive up to a 100% bonus on their purchase. If you max out the promotion, you will end up with 200,000 points for $1,000. That’s 1/2 cent a piece.

This could be a decent deal for anyone who regularly stays at IHG Properties but an even better deal for anyone who has one or both of the IHG Credit Cards. We reported earlier this week that the benefits of the new IHG Rewards Club Premier credit card stack very nicely with the benefits of the older version it replaced, the IHG Chase card. The new version offers a 4th Night free on award stays and the old version offers a 10% rebate on points used for award nights. This effectively comes down to a 32.5% discount on all award stays.

Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion

Value After Stacking

Earlier this year, I used my IHG Free Night Certificate at the Kimpton Seafire in Grand Cayman (my review here). At the time the rates were $1,200 a night, so I got a great value! Just because the Free Anniversary Night won’t be applicable to book such high end properties forever, doesn’t mean you can’t still get an incredible deal on high end hotels.  I did a search for the Seafire in March and the rate was either $1014 or 70k points per night. If I purchase the full 200k Points, I would end up using 189,000 points to book this hotel since it would be 70k x 3 Nights = 210K Points (4th Night Free) less 10% rebate of 21k points.

The percentage savings over the cash rate here is incredible: $4,050 v. $1,000. Even for lower end properties, the cash savings will be huge since you wouldn’t be using a great percentage of your 200k points.

CLICK HERE to compare this and other hotel credit cards.

Last Chance to Take Advantage of IHG Points Promotion


With everything happening over at Marriott and Hilton being unpredictable, IHG keeps looking better and better to me. Now that I’m aware of this amazing stacking opportunity, I believe I am going to purchase the full number of points and apply for the newer IHG Rewards Club Premier credit card . You can check your bonus offer here.


  1. Hey, Bethany, great example of when it really pays to buy points. I bought a few to position for a multi-night stay. When I re-read your post, I’m thinking maybe I should have bought more!

    I am wondering what’s with the $767 “one bed” versus the [70k points or] $1007 “standard” room. When does the one bed (unless it’s a single twin) every cost less than the “anything can happen” standard room?

    • I was thinking the same thing at first but the standard one mentioned the word superior so I was thinking that the other was a much smaller room with potentially a single bed?


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