MtM Roundup – Credit Card Utilization Dates, Alaska Card Offer Returns, Waffle House Museum & Updates on Recent Posts!


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miles to memories roundup

Miles to Memories Roundup & Updates

A lot of interesting posts came across my screen today. I thought I would share some of those with you and catch you up on a few things I mentioned in previous posts. Enjoy!

Posts that Caught my Eye


A really cool infographic showing the history of Mother’s Day along with how and when it is celebrated in various countries around the world. My wife is Mexican and it always throws me off every year since they celebrate on May 10. This was the first year in a long time that “Mexican” Mother’s Day and “American” Mother’s Day fell on the same date!

Everyone is Wrong about the Wyndham Credit Card. Here’s Why. 

The Deal Mommy makes an interesting argument. She is right about getting good cash rates, but those tend to be in weekly chunks of time which can be tough.

I still think the Wyndham credit card may be of use to a lot of people as I wrote this morning. As with anything, there are considerations to be made and for Barclay’s, I still prefer the Arrival Plus overall.

The Alaska Airlines 25k Offer with $100 Statement Credit is Still Alive!

Another great find from PointsCentric. The 25k + $100 statement credit had been around for quite some time, but it disappeared a few weeks ago. Fortunately there is a way to get it to show on the Alaska Airlines website. Head over the link for more details.

Credit Utilization Reporting Dates For Each Card Issuer

Good information from Doctor of Credit. While most banks report your balance on the statement printing date, a few stray from that practice occasionally. It is always good to know what balances are being reported to the credit bureaus since your credit utilization is 30% if your FICO score calculation.

A Visit to the Waffle House Museum

Ok, so I know some people love Waffle House and many people hate it! Either way, the Waffle House Museum looks quite interesting and I think it is cool that it is housed in the very first ever Waffle House. No matter how you feel about their food, the nostalgia alone is worth taking a look.

Quick Updates

Here are a couple of quick updates from previous posts:

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Where/when was the post saying Sam’s Club is only selling $50 sam’s club gift cards? Do you think they’re just out of lower denominations?


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