Monthly Recap – 10 Most Popular Posts of October 2017

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Most Popular Posts of October 2017

Here is our 10 most viewed posts from the previous month.  This only includes articles written and posted in the month of October.  Any expired deals or promos will not be included either.

Top Ten Posts

The top ten is as follows:

10. There is a targeted offer floating around for 65,000 miles for the Citi Aadvantage Gold card.  There is no 24 month language in this offer.

9. An article about how to maximize the value of your Flexpoints before the rules change at the end of 2017.

8. The proposed rumors of the Ascend Hilton card being released next year.  News broke this week that proved these rumors to be true!

7. There is a targeted offer going around for 50,000 Ultimate Reward points if you have a CSR and upgrade your checking account with Chase.

6. This article talks about the best options going forward for Cardcash and PPDG spend.

5. The announcement of Chase Ink Plus, Bold, and Cash cards no longer earning 5x at Cardcash and PPDG.  Not all Ink cards are included though!

4. A targeted offer for California residents where you could get a companion pass for $69 and a pack of gum!

3. This article discusses how I dealt with a PayPal chargeback and gives you pointers on what to do if it ever happens to you.

2. An article about my American Express Platinum retention offer.  And it discuss why I decided to keep the card.

  1. And our most popular post of the month has Shawn discussing what does and doesn’t work for the Amazon Prime Amex offer.


Well that does it for October 2017. Let us know in the comments which article you liked the best…some good info in there!

Enjoy your Saturday!!!




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