Send Faster Plastiq Payments with Wire and ACH Direct Deposit

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Send Faster Plastiq Payments with Wire and ACH Direct Deposit

Plastiq is a useful service for those who with to pay their bills with a credit card. The fees don’t always make sense, but doing this from the comfort of your home and the occasional promotion, make it worthwhile for many people.

One of the drawbacks is the time it takes for checks to be sent out. Now Plastiq has taken some steps to make the process faster with the addition of wire and ACH transfers. You  have the option to have the payment sent electronically using the 3 following methods

  • Domestic Wire (Payment arrives same-day)
  • International Wire (Payment arrives next-day)
  • ACH Direct Deposit (Payment arrives in 4-5 Business Days or Expedited option available)


I have been using Plastiq for a while now. The new payment methods make the process much quicker and easier.

If you’re never tried Plastiq, you can sign up through my referral and earn $500 fee-free dollars (I get $500 fee-free dollars as well). That means that you can pay a $500 bill with a credit card with no fee. Check out this promotion also that lets you pay $250 bills with no fee.

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  1. I cant believe how backward the US banking system is. Checques? Wiring? ACH? Payments arriving in 4-5 days?
    Here in Asia we pay online or through apps and payments are real time. Both inter and intra bank.


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