Breaking News: Priority Pass & Capers Market at PDX Part Ways

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Priority Pass & Capers Market At PDX Part Ways

Breaking News: Priority Pass & Capers Market At PDX Part Ways

Capers Market (D gates) was a different option from Priority Pass for those traveling through Portland International Airport (PDX). It offered a bar and other things you would usually find at an airport market. Priority Pass membership gave you $28 to spend per person.

But now it looks like Capers Market is no longer part of the program. The change seems to have happened sometime earlier in the day. PDXDealsGuy was probably the last person to take advantage of this great deal just before closing last night. This morning a good friend of his confirmed the deal is dead, with a sign out front of the Market indicating that they are no longer accepting Priority Pass. Link on Priority Pass website is no longer valid either, so this seems like a permanent move. Still shows on app though, as of the time of this writing, but that should be gone soon.

This affects Capers Market (D gates) only. Capers Restaurant (C gates) is still alive (this also appears to have left the program).


  1. Cafe is still available. I went there tonight after being denied at the market. I called priority pass immediately to complain.

  2. Capers Cafe down at ‘C’, the Alaska Air gateway, is my go to. Glad it is still up. Never used the ‘D’ choice, Capers Market since haven’t flown DL or Untied in years.


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