MMMT: Tips on Using Your Sam’s Club Amex Offer

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Sam's Club Amex Offer Tips & Tricks, How to Split Tender

Monday Morning Miles Talk is a regular series that has some smaller, more quirky ideas to kick off the work week.  These are essentially random ideas that I wanted to share with you.  Here are the previous entries.

Sam’s Club Amex Offer Tips & Tricks, How to Split Tender

There are currently two Sam’s Club Amex Offers out there.  There is one for a $25 credit or 2500 Membership Rewards points when you sign up for a new Sam’s Club account online, this will not work for merchandise.  The other one, $15 off of a $30 online purchase, is the one I want to focus on though.

Maximizing the Sam’s Club Amex Offer

I am guessing most of you have figured out that the best deal with this Amex Offer is purchasing Sam’s Club gift cards.  Sam’s Club gift cards also work at Walmart.  So this offer essentially gets you 50% off at Sam’s Club or Walmart.  You could also resell these gift cards for at least 90% of their value.  Every $30 in gift cards would bring you a profit of at least $12.  That can really add up!

The problem is there are no $30 gift cards on the website and the best option is 3 x $10 cards…that is really annoying.  If you had this offer on 10 cards you are looking at 30-$10 cards coming your way…no thanks!

You Can Split Tender on Sam’s Club Website

This is where split tender comes into play.  Sam’s Club allows you to split a transaction and pay with 2 different credit cards.  I tried more – it doesn’t work :(.

As luck would have it there is a $60 Sam’s Club gift card.  You can pay for this with 2 American Express cards, charging $30 on each, and get 2 Amex Offer credits.  This would mean that you would only have 5-$60 cards when you are all said and done instead of 30-$10 cards…way better!

Here are some photos of how you can split tender:

Sam's Club Amex Offer Tips & Tricks, How to Split Tender

You have to load the cards into the account before making the payment.  Then all you do is select the two cards you want to use by checking the box (red arrows).

After you do that and select pay this screen pops up:

Sam's Club Amex Offer Tips & Tricks, How to Split Tender

Then you just plug in the amount you want on each card and hit save. Easy peasy!


This makes the Amex Offer a lot easier to manage.  You can cut the amount of gift cards you get by 1/6.  This is also good to know for any future Amex Offers for Sam’s Club.  They usually come around about once per year.

Word of warning about this particular offer.  People have not been getting the Amex Offers email.  I never received one either.  I did end up getting the credit 7 days after the charge posted.

Another tip is that it is possible to use other people’s credit cards on your Sam’s Club account so no need to purchase multiple memberships etc.




  1. Try what I’m doing if you want to liquidate back to cash at lowest cost.
    Do as was stated above to get a $60 Sams GC in the post. In fact do it multiple times with many of those Amex CC you got the offer on. When you receive the scgc’s use them to buy the Mastercard $200 Vanilla GC’s, as well as using up offer on other Amex Cc cards. You see, In addition to the 2 CC’s you can use on a Sams Club on line order, you can also use up to 4 Walmart/ Sams Club GC’s. So for 2 x $200 mcgc’s at 206.88 each = 413.76 you can use 4 of the Scgc’s and another 2×20 Amex cc’s. That’s ~$300 , so just make sure teh Amex GC you put teh most on to get to $413.76 is a Amex SPG card. Takes a bit of planning, but worth it.
    Reemember too – you can only liquidate max $49.99 from a single vanilla gc swipe at Wally’s

    • Sam’s Club gift cards work on Vanilla’s online? Would have been a lot better if they still worked at the USPS 🙁

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Last time I used a Walmart gift card to buy a gift card, they cancelled the order. Somehow I doubt if Sam’s Club is different…

  2. I didn’t do 3 x $10 – I bought a $20 and a $10 card. I agree though, one $60 card is still easier.


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