United Flights Bookable with LifeMiles Online Once Again


United Flights Bookable with LifeMiles Online Once Again

A few weeks ago I wrote about my issues with booking a United flight online with LifeMiles. Others reported having the same issues in the comments.  I have always had my own issues with LifeMiles in the past, like when I tried to book an Air Canada flight.  But booking United flights was never a problem, until it was.

A reader commented on the original article that they were able to book United flights online once again.  I just tried a dummy booking and was able to get to the final screen as well.  So it appears that the glitch is fixed.  No more needing to call in to book and then anxiously waiting two days to pay for the flights when they call you back.

LifeMiles can be a great tool but they also come with many headaches.  At least one of those headaches has been cured, for now.  Go burn those LifeMiles on some United Flights!


Happy Fathers Day to all of the dads out there, you are more important than you know!

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  1. Maybe United is fixed, but I can still see issues on the website trying to book partner awards that involve Air Canada/United/Lufthansa.

    Having to book over the phone has honestly been hellish, which resulted in three lost reservations that were on hold and probably 5+ hours of time on the phone with them.

    Reserving partner awards was fine, but the billing is handled by a separate department which you have to wait 24 hours to speak to before they can process your payment. If your agent cannot connect to the billing department, or if they do not have a bi-lingual representative available then they will ask if they can call you back. Maybe it’s something to do with my phone, but I confirmed my number about 5/6 times and never once did they call me back.

    Finally, on my fourth attempt I asked them whether I could stay on the phone until the billing rep was available which worked. (Fingers crossed) My ticket has been processed.

    • I have not had any issues with Lufthansa but have with Air Canada. Lifemiles are a huge PIA for sure and I plan to just pay more and use other avenues once I burn my stash. Not worth the hassle to me.


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