Say What!?! Atlantic City Diamond Lounges Are Better Than Vegas? But Which One Is The Best?


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Caesars Rewards Diamond Lounge Rankings & Reviews (Atlantic City)

On my recent trip to Atlantic City I had two main objectives.  I wanted to take advantage of all of the Atlantic City status match opportunities I could and I wanted to check out the Caesars Rewards diamond lounges.  Last year I did a similar post for Las Vegas diamond lounges  and people enjoyed it so I thought I should do a Caesars Rewards diamond lounge rankings for Atlantic City as well.  I am surprised to say that they blow the Las Vegas lounges out of the water!

Atlantic City Diamond Lounge Rankings – From Worst to First

There only 3 Caesars Rewards properties in Atlantic City but each of them has a lounge.  Two of them were gorgeous while one missed the mark some.  The top two are the best of the best that I have seen in the US.  I say that after having been to all of the lounges in Vegas, Atlantic City and New Orleans which is most of them in the system.

I am also glad that there were only 3 because I have to pay $10 in comps per visit now since I didn’t earn over 25,000 tier credits last year.  They told me that you can leave for up to 30 minutes and come back without being charged again.  I went for lunch and was seeing if dinner is included but it isn’t.  She did offer to put me on the dinner list if I didn’t like the lunch spread so that may be an option if you think the lunch offering wasn’t up to par.

3. Harrah’s 

By far the worst lounge was Harrah’s.  It was a long but narrow room that had a bar up front and seating all the way to the back past that.  It has a buffet style set up which is broken up into a few sections.  But since the area is so narrow I think crowding around the buffet areas could be a problem during busy times.  I was excited that they had a wood fire pizza oven but the dough looked to be of the frozen variety which was disappointing.  I would give this lounge a pass unless you are staying at Harrah’s.  It is also the only Caesars property not located on the boardwalk.  It is in the marina area by Borgota and Golden Nugget.

2. Caesars 

The race for first was a very tight one.  I gave Bally’s the slight edge over Caesars but I could see people flip flopping them as well.  The nice part about these two diamond lounges is the location.  They have a stunning view of the ocean that I could sit and stare at all day.  The place is MASSIVE too and they have ample seating. The bar area is the pretty large as well.

It looked like Caesars had the best food options of the three as well but that is hard to judge after one visit. Be ready to wait to get in at times though.  There was a line of about 50 people before the doors opened for lunch.  This is something you never see in Las Vegas.  I can only imagine it is worse for dinner and I have read that sometimes you have to wait outside for space to open up.

1. Bally’s

Coming in at the top spot has by far the worst casino and hotel of the three properties.  The Bally’s diamond lounge may be the hidden gem of Atlantic City if I am being honest.  Who would expect something so amazing to be inside such a run down place? The room is large and similar to size as Caesars.  The bar area is even larger and has an amazing circular end area that seats you right next to the window with a perfect view.  They have a beautiful domed ceiling right above the area too.  This is the place you want to be!

Bally’s also had a few other interesting additions that I had not seen anywhere else in the 10 diamond lounges I have visited throughout the program.  There is a pool table and Foosball table towards the back that you can play. Plus there are 3 free video games offered up near the bar area.  I had to spend some time playing Mrs. PacMan of course!  Those were unexpected but awesome additions to the room.

I will say we entered towards the end of the night and the food didn’t look all that appealing but that could be because we were several hours after the initial serving.  Bally’s has the best place to sit, relax and enjoy a cocktail for sure though.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my Caesars Rewards diamond lounge rankings Atlantic City edition. Be sure to check out my Las Vegas diamond lounge rankings as well.  I enjoyed checking all of them out and I was thoroughly surprised by how large they were and by how much they had to offer.  I had read for a long time that Atlantic City had a much larger spread than Las Vegas but I was still pleasantly surprised by it.  If you are in town and have Caesars Diamond status from the status matches be sure to check them out.  Remember that you will need $10 per person in rewards credits to get in though.



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  1. wow, bally’s lounge is def. nice! i missed out when was there last yr doing the status match b/c hah, wrongly thought that its lounge is not as nice as caesars’; in fact, went to the caesars’ lounge twice, 1 for lunch & dinner (at least 1 lounge entry was free with last yr’s promo)

    • Caesar’s lounge is also very nice. I was surprised by how much better the AC lounges were vs Vegas. Even Harrahs AC is better than a few of the Vegas lounges.


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