Caesars Entertainment & Total Rewards Throws Members a Bone


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Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

Total Rewards announced changes (hello devaluation) to their Diamond and Seven Stars status a few weeks ago. I am guessing they got bombarded with complaints after their proposed changes to the program because they walked back on of them, kind of.

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Diamond Lounge Access

Total Rewards made a lot of changes to their program for 2018 but they are throwing Diamond members a small bone when it comes to Diamond Lounge access.

Old Rule –

  • Any Diamond member (15,000+ tier credits) was allowed free access into any Las Vegas Diamond lounge and could bring one guest.  This included Diamond members that achieved status in other ways, via status match or FoundersCard etc.

Announced Change –

  • Only members who have earned 25,000+ tier credits this year or the previous year get free lounge access.  From 15-25,000 tier credits you need to pay 1000 reward credits per person to access the lounge.  Cash can not be used.

Newest Change –

Here is a chart showing the NEW changes for 2018.

Total Rewards Diamond Lounge Access Rules for 2018

They have extended the old lounge access rules (everyone gets in free) until March 31, 2018.  Then Total Rewards added this progressive chart that will allow you to keep your free lounge access throughout the year while building up to 25,000 tier credits.

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This change most likely came from the large amount of negative blow back they got from their proposed changes last month.  This makes it easier to keep your free lounge access active throughout the year if you are a gambler.  It, unfortunately, does not help out those who got Diamond status via other routes, like FoundersCard.


Do you think this was a big enough bone to keep loyal gamblers in the fold?  Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments section.

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  1. I planned on getting the Total Rewards credit card but after these negative changes I’ll have to pass.

      • Not anymore. This is the tip of the iceberg. Removing the 40k and 80k diamond aspiration level 1 and 2 trips is absurd. Now 15k for diamond status and nothing in between that level and 150k seven star level. Also, nobody, not even seven star players are guaranteed a comped room anymore with a 48 hour notice. Its laughable.

  2. It’s total BS I hate Caesars Entertainment. Least customer friendly company in Vegas I’ve ever seen. If I gamble in Vegas it’s at Treasure Island, they have the easiest player’s club to get cheap rooms with no resort fees or off the strip. As far as best program I have to give it to MGM’s MLife. I don’t know what it is I usually stay at their properties and go to their shows the most. It was super easy to get gold MLife status through Hyatt before they changed Hyatt program. MLife took a hit, as did all who charge for parking.

    • I think M Life has the best casinos and the best amenities but I never got comped very well when I used to gamble there. I haven’t in years though.

      Interesting point about TI – I have never gambled there – may need to give them a try after my status runs out this year.

  3. We are Seven Stars Total Rewards members achieved by play alone. As players, who have earned status through play, I have to say it is quite frustrating having to deal with long lines at Diamond Clubs overrun at peak times by “low rated” players and those who achieved status via another means. That being said, being a points hoarder, I get the appeal. I didn’t think the way Caesars rolled out the changes was right. They should have given more notice to their players to give them a chance to reach the higher level that was going to be required. There was no notice to most players. Their tiered scale will do little to nothing to help the casual player. I am an independent casino host and have many clients that I place at Caesar’s properties almost exclusively. This was a big hit to the program and a huge devaluation. The elimination of the Aspiration levels was also a big hit. There is a huge disparity in levels of rewards in the new program. As a player, it is very difficult to achieve Seven Stars status as it is and it kept us loyal. We had a good year but have already had the conversation about changing to another rewards program that matches status. We have the play to back it up but aren’t willing to continue to commit and be loyal if they continue to devalue their program. It is my belief that this is going to have a huge negative effect on their customer loyalty. Time will tell. These changes make me nervous as a player and a host.

    • I think getting rid of the Aspiration levels was the biggest hit. I don’t see the logic for it – if anything they should have added in more levels to make them more obtainable even if they had smaller bonus “perks”.

      There is no reason for me to gamble past 25k and I have racked up 80k in tier credit each of the last 2 years. Pretty sad. What programs are you looking at that status match?

      I think they could have made the change that you needed to “earn” diamond status to get it free. Actually earn the 15k in tier credits. That would have eliminated most of what you are talking about.

    • I hope they declare bankruptcy again. Mark Frissora obviously has no clue how to run a customer service entertainment company at this level. Running a car rental company doesnt make for a good CEO of the largest casino conglomerate in the country. I have never seen a company willing to piss off millions of customers, some who donate 100k plus a year over a few hundred or 6biusabd dollars. He’ll, I’m seven star and lost 15k on a visit and they want to argue about covering a 56.00 room charge. Just idiots.

      • Randy it is beyond stupid. You have to spend a lot of money to get to those levels and most likely lose thousands and they are trying to save on $800 in perks?

        They are walking over a dollar to pick up a penny

  4. I am completely disappointed in the removal of aspirations. what a slap in the face. I am a 120K point diamond and there is now no benefit to achieve that level. If they didn’t want people to take advantage of diamond status at 15K, raise it to 25K. make the step bigger from platinum to Diamond and make the benefits desirable. Removing benefits for people who have achieved in excess of the minimum requirement is complete BS and I will be searching elsewhere to play.

    • Totally agree – I am a 80k Diamond and I see no need to gamble past 25k – maybe even 15k if you have a stash of reward credits to pay for lounge access. If anything they should have add more smaller rewards built into the aspirations level since the distance from Diamond to 7 stars was so vast.

  5. I’m 7 Star and have to beg for water when I check in for a few nights. I can’t believe that they said it cost too much $$$ to give me a case of water. Are they kidding me??? Definitely believe it was a tremendous mistake removing the Aspiration levels. What benefit does a player have for loyalty past 25,000 Tier points? There is a wide gap all the way to 150,000 to make 7 Star. I know how I felt at High Diamond Level & still waited on the same Diamond Lines as some one that had 15,000 tier points & just barely qualified for Diamond status Who are the ones making these “brilliant” decisions?

    • It will be interesting to see how many high level gamblers they lose this year. And if they will change next year. I know I am taking every valuable offer they give me this year but I am not planning on returning them the favor of much play after the changes.

    • They are walking over a dollar to pick up a nickle I feel like. A lot of the mid tier Diamonds (the bread and butter of a casino) are going to be looking elsewhere I think.

  6. I think they should have just eliminated lounge access for those with status match or less the 15000. I think once you achieve earn Diamond 15k, you should be able to get in. Also if they must insist to raise the minimum to 25K, then at least be able to add a 2nd Diamond Account to spouse or significant other in same household like my life does.

  7. Changes to the program maybe justified in a business since but the short notice given and the way they did it is not the best way to treat loyal customers.
    These folks help keep the casinos afloat during difficult times.
    They are also responsible for “word of mouth” referrals to your properties.
    Loyal customers pump a lot of money into the local economy and help fund jobs though the services related to the industry.
    Decisions made don’t just affect the casinos, there are others impacted. One would think a company would like to keep their loyal customers than run them off and have to spend funding on recruiting new ones. Just saying……
    To boil it down, Members are not happy about the change and the method you changed it. If the casinos suffer….you did it to yourself.

    • Agreed Francis. I imagine they must have crunched the numbers. We will be able to tell if it was better or worse for them by what changes are made for next year, if any.

  8. I was an Apiration 1 gambler. I am taking my trip this June. When I heard of the changes, I was baffled. You are all right. What incenitives does anyone have to gamble more once they reach 25000? I will never come close to 7 stars. NEVER. But aspirations ( I was a Level 1) that was doable and a goal for me. This year my points are much lower and I am spending 1/2 my money at another casino. I am not a Vegas resident. I have no incentive to go past 25000. The spread is way too big with no incentives for us smaller gamblers.

    • I think they are going to feel the hit in Q3 and Q4 this year when a lot of people take this stance. I haven’t even hit Plat yet this year and I was Aspirations level 2 the last 2 years. Just no incentive to gamble there right now.

  9. Remember when Coca Cola changed their formula? When JC Penney cut out their sales coupons? When Sears strong-armed their customers into a sales loyalty club? And now Caesars joins the ranks of legendary corporate gaffs with the biggest face slap a casino ever delivered to its clients. Gotta wonder what were they thinking…..

    • I think the 3rd and 4th quarter earnings reports may have them make some changes for 2019…I hope at least.

  10. I’ve been a Diamond player for years! Not a high roller by any means. I used to get offers for $225 each month in free play, and I’ve used a few of those this year. Mid June I’m at 19000 tier credits this year, so far. But, starting with the June offers, they are trying to entice me to come to Vegas with a whopping $25 in free play! WTF? Are they freakin crazy? Screw Caesars and the dumbass they hired to run the Rewards program. Just pathetic!!! Anyone else get their offers vaporized like mine?

    • I have not gambled much this year….like 4K TC after having over 70K each of the last few years and my offers are more restricted (started at the end of last year). They aren’t truly available for the whole month only certain days etc. which makes them impossible to use half the time since Fri and Sat are not redemption dates. So I stopped giving them much play. I take the free room and tickets and just take what I can get at this point until that stuff runs dry. The program has become worthless and that is okay since it is saving me a lot of money this year 🙂


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