Is Priority Pass Confused? Now Capers Cafe Isn’t Leaving The Program

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Is Priority Pass Confused? Now Capers Cafe Isn’t Leaving The Program?

Last night I wrote up an article that Capers Cafe was also leaving the Priority Pass network along with Capers Marketplace.  Capers Marketplace stopped accepting Priority Pass members yesterday morning but the Cafe was still accepting members.  Then last night we saw this tweet from Priority Pass:

So it seemed like they were both leaving the program per Priority Pass.  But today Priority Pass’ Twitter team is telling a different story:

When I go to the Priority Pass website the cafe is still listed but the marketplace is gone.  I think the Priority Pass social media worker must have confused the two locations yesterday or just had bad information.  It appears, for now, that it is just Capers Marketplace leaving the Priority Pass network but Capers Cafe will remain in the fold.  That is good news for members since the only other options available were whiskey tasting and the Alaska lounge which often refuses entry for PP members.

I contacted the restaurant this morning to confirm this change of events and they confirmed that the cafe will remain in the program. They also said there are no upcoming changes to that as far as they know.  Good news for us!


    • That would be my guess too. I figured she knew what she was talking about last night since she pointed out there were only going to be two options left in the terminal.


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