How To Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late!


Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late Mailboxes

How To Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late!

In the past I have talked about how you can get compensation when your Amazon order is late.  Recently Walmart has been going after Amazon Prime members by offering 2 day shipping with no annual fee.  They have even moved it up to next day delivery on orders over $35 for certain items.  There are many times when Walmart has a better price than Amazon and I like that you can still get portal payouts for things on Walmart that you can’t on Amazon.  I ordered some items from Walmart recently and I wanted to see if they honor their shipping promises like Amazon does since my items came late.

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Contact Walmart Via Chat

When I saw that my order had been delayed online I reached out to Walmart via their online chat feature.  You may be able to contact them via social media channels as well but this way is simple and in real time.

I went to their help page and selected order status.  Then at the bottom of the page you can choose chat, phone, or email.  Select chat and then type out your issue for the agent.

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What I Said & My Compensation Offer

My items were supposed to come on Tuesday but ended up coming on Thursday.  I asked them if they gave any compensation when their 2 day orders were late, just like Amazon does.  See what I did there 😉?

She said absolutely and asked me to confirm my order number etc.  She said they could offer me 10% off of my order which I thought was fair.  Amazon usually gives $5 per item that is late and my bill was around $50.  There were 3 items in the order however so it probably would have been better with Amazon but something is better than nothing!

I had paid for some of my order with a gift card from Gyft (have to get that 5X earning!) Luckily Walmart attaches recently used gift cards to your account so it shows up now when I check out with my now remaining balance.

Final Thoughts

I am a firm believer that if a company promises something that you should hold them accountable to it.  Especially when you pay for the service like you do with Amazon Prime.  Because Walmart offers their 2 day shipping free I wondered if they would react the same way.  I am happy to report that you can get compensated for late orders like I was with a 10% credit.

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