Possible Status Match From MLife Gold to Total Rewards Diamond (Atlantic City Only?)

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Status Match Mlife Gold to Total Rewards Diamond

Status Match Mlife Gold to Total Rewards Diamond

A Reddit user discovered an ad at the casino (picture on the thread) for matching Mlife Gold to Total Rewards Diamond.  That is an AMAZING offer, normally only Mlife Platinum or Noir match to Total Rewards Diamond.  The catch is the sign was in Atlantic City and TR desks in Vegas are saying it is an error, according to other users on the thread.

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At this time we are not entirely sure if the offer in Atlantic City is an error as well or if it is a specific offer for AC casinos.  I still wanted to let you know in case you were near or were going to Atlantic City soon so you could check it out.

A lot of people have Mlife Gold status from matching Hyatt status over to Mlife Gold.  It is no longer possible to match back and forth but if you did it a few months ago you should have Mlife Gold until February of 2019.

It is still possible to match back and forth between TR Diamond and Wyndham Diamond though.  So, if you get Total Rewards Diamond status via this offer make sure to match it to Wyndham Diamond status.  Hopefully you should be able to re-match it back to Total Rewards Diamond after the first of the year!

Status Match Mlife Gold to Total Rewards Diamond

Total Rewards Diamond Status

Total Rewards Diamond status has taken some hits this year, especially when you are talking about Diamond lounge access.  Even after that it still offers some great value:

That is some amazing value if you end up in places where there are Total Rewards casinos often.


This is a pretty amazing offer that seems to be targeted to the Atlantic City casinos.  If you are at another Total Rewards casino it may be worth attempting it but I doubt you will be successful.

Since this isn’t 100% confirmed not to be a mistake offer I wouldn’t fly to Atlantic City to do this etc.  But if you are in the area it is worth it to attempt the match.

Let us know if you are in Atlantic City if you are seeing this offer anywhere.


Hat Tip to DoC

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  1. hey mark, u wrote that ‘It is no longer possible to match back and forth but if you did it a few months ago you should have Mlife Gold until February of 2019’…I must have missed the news; so matching is no longer after feb 2018 of earlier this yr?

    • I probably should have been a little more clear. Gold now matches to Hyatt Discoverist which does not match back to Gold. So you can’t swap back and forth anymore. If you earn Explorist or Globalist legitimately then you can still match to Gold.

  2. I think you’re going to get a few questions similar to Dan’s. Safe to say, if you’re diligent and stay on top of your calendar, you’ll be fine.


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