My Thoughts After a Month With Moviepass & Review


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My Thoughts After a Month With Moviepass & Review

My Thoughts After a Month With Moviepass & Review

This is a topic a couple of blogs have already covered (Here and Here).  I decided to sign up after reading their reviews and seeing how beneficial Moviepass can be.  After using it for the last month I have enjoyed the experience so much I thought I would give you my own thoughts.

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Details on the Moviepass

Moviepass is kind of like the Netflix of movie theater going.  You pay a flat fee and then you can see as many 2D movies as you want during the month.  The catch is you can only see 1 movie every 24 hours.  You could still easily see 25-30 movies a month if you so choose.

The fee is $9.95 a month.  You are billed via a credit card you set up on the account. That is a great deal but you can do even better, and I wish I had found this before signing up.

MoviePass has, for a limited time only, lowered the price to $7.95 a month with one caveat.

UPDATE – MoviePass has added limitations to their latest offer

If you are a Costco member you can get a year of Moviepass for $89.99(Out of Stock).  The issue here is you can not cancel it if you decide you don’t like it.  Also I believe this deal is for new Moviepass members only so you have to take the jump if you want the deal…no testing it out first.

UPDATE 2: MoviePass has been shutting down some users accounts for abuse.  Read more on what they consider abuse of the program.

How Moviepass Works

To be able to use Moviepass you need to have a smartphone.  Everything is done via their app.  Once you sign up they send you your Moviepass card.  It looks just like a debit/credit card.

When you get to the theater you then select which movie you would like to watch from the app.  Moviepass then immediately sends the money needed for that movie to your Moviepass card.  You must be within 100 yards of the theater in order to load money to your card.

Once the movie is selected and the money is on your card you buy a ticket like you normally would and pay with your Moviepass card.  You can even use the theaters reward program to stack your savings.  I usually go to an AMC theater and I am an member of their Stubs Program.  So I am earning full points on something I paying a fraction of the price for.

Some people have reported certain theaters not allowing members to earn points if paying with a Moviepass. I have not run into this issue but you could always just buy the tickets at an unmanned kiosk to avoid the issue if they are available.

Some have also reported that you can only see a movie one time with Moviepass.  This is not the case you can go to the same movie multiple times, at least that is my personal experience.

My Thoughts After a Month With Moviepass & Review


I have about 50 theaters in the program near my house.  All of the major ones are included near me (AMC, MJR, Goodrich, Emagine, Cinemark).  The local and more botique theaters are included as well.  You can always check out your area’s coverage before taking the leap.

My Figures/Personal Experience

It hasn’t quite been 30 days for me yet but I have gone to 4 movies.  The first 3 cost $5.99 per ticket and the 4th one was $9.99.  So I have gotten $27.96 in value out of my $9.99 monthly fee.

I used to be a big movie buff and went to the movies frequently.  Once our work lives got busier, had kids, and movie costs went through the roof we stopped going as much.  I probably went to 2-3 movies per year over the last 4 years.

With Moviepass I have been trying to go to one per week.  I guess you could call it my New Year’s resolution.  Since there is no additional cost, as long as I stay away from the snacks, I find myself making time for it.  Even if the movie is only so so I get value out of it.

How to Maximize it With AMC Stubs

I frequent AMC theaters and I am a member of their Stubs program.  If you are going to use their theaters as well, make sure you upgrade to their Premiere program.  This will get you 100 points per dollar versus 10 points per dollar in their standard program.

The cost is $15 for the year.  You can pay for it with a gift card so make sure you buy a discounted gift card, from a place like CardCash, to pay for it which will save you close to 25%.  You also earn 1500 AMC Stubs points for the purchase.

For every 5,000 points your get a $5 gift card.  At 100 points per dollar that is a 10% rebate on all of your ticket purchases.  In as little as 5 movies you could get a $5 AMC credit.  If you go to the movies often this will pay off in the long run.


If you enjoy going to the movies and could see yourself going at least twice per month this is a no brainer.  It is an easy set up with a lot of coverage.  I am not sure if it will be sustainable or not, as a business model, but I will enjoy the ride while I can!

They also make great gifts.  I convinced my friend to get it for his brother for Christmas.  His brother spent close to $200 on movie tickets last year so that works out to a pretty amazing gift!


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  1. Ordered from Costco the deal they have going on with MoviePass. Once I rec’d the card, couldn’t get it the account to accept the email address I had signed up for. Long story short, I emailed Costco that the product was not working as advertised. They did REVERSE the charge on my credit card. So – if it’s not working correctly, yes, Costco will refund.

  2. I signed up 4 weeks ago with the Costco promo, still havent received my card yet…..
    Reached out to their customer service whom requested me to confirm my address last week. Since then, no acknowledgement of email, just radio silence….

    • Man that is sad to hear – I think they are swamped right now. Hopefully they get it to you soon. Took 2-3 weeks for me to get mine.

    • Same experience here. Going on four weeks now since I ordered and still no card. Contacted them and got what I guess is the stranded response “please verify address is correct” and once I did, no other response from them. They may have a sweet deal going but have a long way to go for quality service.

      • You’ll find that there customer service gets even worse once you receive your card (it took 3 months for me to receive mine). After a couple of months using the card I was very happy, particularly since I’m a big movie fan. Recently I started being charged by both the movie theater even though my MoviePass was current. This happened to me twice in different theaters. They were on the Moviepass app and I had properly checked in so I couldn’t figure out what happened. After over six weeks of trying to get some answers with no response at all, I cancelled my card. No need to pay MoviePass and the movie theater to see a movie. Good luck with your card. I hope you have a better experience.

        • Are you saying it wouldn’t work properly at the theater so you had to pay for it yourself while there? Was it at just a particular theater at all of them? Thanks for the info.

  3. This company will go out of business. Just a question of when. The yearly membership was a great idea for the company. Get people to pay more money upfront to keep the company afloat in the short term.

    • Good point John on paying up front – a risk for sure. I am not sure how they can stay afloat unless they are getting a lot of people who don’t use it much!

  4. Not sure how they can continue, but enjoying MoviePass while I can. This week I’ve enjoyed Darkest Hour and the Post at our local AMC which has those decadent recliners.

  5. I loved moviepass for 2-3 months, but lost my wife’s card and reported it missing on Dec. 20th. It’s January 13th, and still no replacement card after numerous requests for new replacement card- had one early reply to confirm address, then silence. They’re overwhelmed since they only had 9 employees prior to the $9.99 per month launch, but still should have hired some customer service staff….

        • Ouch – that is crazy. I am surprised you can’t just have them scan something in the app and that we even need to have a card.

  6. Good luck continuing to get AMC Stubs rewards with MoviePass. AMC updated their T&C to say that MoviePass purchases no longer qualify to earn Stubs rewards. My local theaters (AZ) have even been writing “MP” on my ticket stubs, so that I can’t submit them online for credit.

  7. Where in the world do you live? I know you won’t answer you never reply to comments but a $6 movie… damn! You can’t get in for less than $15 around Manhattan.

    • I respond to everyone who comments on one of my articles so feel free to comment more in the future :)!

      I live in Michigan, metro Detroit area. Even at AMC theaters the price fluctuates. One theater is $5.99 while another one 20 minutes away will be $9.99 for the same time of movie.

  8. I signed up for Moviepass in October and have seen 13 movies since my card arrived. AMC is in a feud with Moviepass and my local AMC will not allow me to use my Stubs card if they notice I’m paying with the Moviepass card. The cashier simply says “We do not allow use of the Stubs program with Moviepass.” Thankfully the self-serve ticket kiosk doesn’t mind at all 🙂

  9. How does this work with the reserved seating and couples/families? Most of our shows sell out and we have to purchase tickets online to assure we are seated together.

    • You have to buy the tickets on site most of the time so you would have to go to the theater earlier in the day to purchase the tickets. That would ensure you get them and you could be seated together.

    • We cheat and use the Fandango app to see what seats are available before driving to the theatre. We’re located in the northern suburbs of Chicago and have several options to choose from and also are flexible on when we go. That said we’re three for three so far in February after being 4 for 4 in January.

      One other comment — if you are an AARP member you can get a free Regal Crown membership which saves $3 on a popcorn & soda combo. And yes MoviePass tickets earn Regal Crown points.

  10. I was able to use my MoviePass once before misplacing it. I live close to the movie theater so I was able to pick my movie and time right from my home which was really nice.

    After I lost my card I contacted their customer services several times to see if I could get a replacement. It’s been over a month that I reached out to them and they haven’t bothered to even acknowledge my messages. Their customer services is very disappointing.

    • I have heard a lot of complaints about people running into issues with the CS department after misplacing their card. I think part of it is because they are getting slammed the last few months with new people but that is no excuse. Are you still able to at least use that one theater? Maybe canceling the account and signing up for a new one would be the way to go?

      • After losing total hope that I would never get a moviepass replacement card because their customer service is terrible. I finally received one 2 months later! They never notified me saying a replacement card was one the way either.
        I thought everything was going to get better but I then realized noticed I can’t update the card number on their app. Its funny how there is a button the change your credit card info for payments but not to change your moviepass card. So I’m back at square one.

        • Well that is terrible. I think the best way to handle their lack of customer service is to cancel the account and set up a new one with a new email address. If it is worth the hassle to you. Or can you set up a new account on the app with the new card?

  11. So I’ve had my MoviePass for awhile. Works most of the time. There are 3 of us.

    I couldn’t get the third ticket because I didn’t have my husband’s phone on me. It wouldn’t let me use my own phone twice, even though I had logged out and logged in as him.

    Also, I ran into a problem when I got there a few minutes after the movie had started (actually, it was just running commercials); so had to pay to see that one, since once the official time as gone by, it’s not available for purchase.

    I’m sure there will be more problems.

    Probably will not renew it next year. Easier to use Kodi.

    • On the after the movie starts issue I think that is more on the theater. I just buy the ticket to a later movie and use it for the one that just started or buy for a different movie that hasn’t quite started yet and go to the other one.

      But my theater usually lets you buy up to 20 mins after the start time.

      • I think buying a different movie is against the rules… I thought about it but decided not to. The movie time I wanted had actually disappeared… You can’t “buy” it on the app if it’s not there.

        • Weird it doesn’t disappear from my app for a good thirty mins after the movie start time.

          You could still buy tickets to a later showing of the same movie and most theaters will let you in if not sold out etc. At least that has been my experience. I usually try to get there as the previews are ending.

  12. My problem with movie pass is the out of the three times I have tried to use the app to select a movie it does’t work. At this point I have an expensive red card that I cannot use.

    • Are the movies not coming up or is it just erroring out when you click through? I haven’t heard of any issues or had any problems myself so I am not sure what it could be. Did you try to update the app or delete it and re-download it?

  13. Be aware of what Movie Pass considers a “violation”of their policies. My wife and I went to a normal matinee movie and apparently the theater charged me $5.99 and my wife $11.99 which we had no knowledge of. Two weeks later MP terminated my wife’s account for violation of contract terms. We have spent the past 3 weeks trying to contact MP and get her account reinstated with no success. They have the worst customer service system, they never respond to their app chat feature, and give the CSR’s no authority to resolve a matter that is no fault of the customer. Do NOT waste your $ on a crappy company that does not care about its customers!

    • I have heard their customer service is tough to get a hold of so something to consider for sure. I would suggest people either use a self checkout kiosk to avoid this issue or if there is not one available make sure to check what price is being rung up. They tell you the price and you hand them the card to swipe it so be sure to pay attention to the price they say when you hand it over.

  14. My husband & I had a terrible experience with MoviePass. I was able to use my card once, but his didn’t work so he had to pay for the movie. After that we both tried to contact their customer service at least a dozen times, at first to fix the problem, and then to cancel our membership since they were completely UNRESPONSIVE. We tried via the app, through their website, and also with the phone number that showed up for them on our credit card statement. NOTHING. My husband couldn’t even login to the app to cancel his subscription. I went in and canceled mine, then received the confirmation email saying that I was no longer subscribed. Only to find out a month later that they were still charging my credit card! I had to file a claim and cancel my credit card (as there is no way to block a particular merchant). My husband had to do the same with his check card.
    We love going to the movies and we so wanted this to work, and we gave them MANY opportunities to make it work before we gave up. My advice: stay away. Not worth all the trouble.

    • I have heard of issues when dealing with CS….I am not sure why they don’t respond. I am guessing they grew quicker than expected but hire some more people. It seems like if it works it is amazing and if it doesn’t it is terrible…no middle ground.

  15. Chk out Sinemia if you want to pre-purchase 2 tkts at a time to guarantee sitting together & reserve seats.

    They run specials, I pd $203 upfront for 2 tix for 2 persons/mth, which avgs to $4/tkt. Not possible even in Detroit! Plus, I prepurchase on Fandango & also then get cash back from a portal. I have both but get more from Sinemia.

  16. This software is defective. We have gone numerous times only to get time-outs, software error messages, etc. it actually works less than 1/2 the time. Tonight was the final straw. Tried going to 3 different theaters and just a stream of error messages. I would definitely not recommend them. It is not worth getting jerked around trying to use something that you have already paid for. I would rather pay full price and not get jerked sround trying to get in to a movie! Run, don’t wslk from this company!

    • That is the first time I have heard of that issue. Thanks for leaving the comment. What area are you in if you don’t mind me asking? I wonder if it is an issue in larger markets etc.

  17. When I ordered my card i received it 9 business days later. I have used this card 5 times and it been great !!! I love it. My membership bill date was today and it came right off my card like it said it was going to . I have never had any trouble using it or the app . I love movie pass !!!

  18. My Hubby, son and myself all signed up for memberships at the same time.. within 2 weeks they got their card and it too months of waiting and attempts before my hubby finally got hold of a CSR for Moviepass to get a replacement card. They didnt charge for it but I had it within 2 weeks of finally reaching someone. we have been using Moviepass since we have gotten the cards (hubby and son using thiers before I got my replacement.) Using the App and the card to purchase movies has been seemless and easy. If we really want to get a ticket and are out and about we will swing by while we are in the area and order then purchase the ticket for the actual time we want it – basically getting it earlier in the day. Have had the Moviepass in total approx 4 months and have been to see movies together 1x per week. Cant imagine they will stay in business at that rate but we love it while its there and use it often. It had a few bumps getting started but the payoff has been worth it.


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