(DOWNGRADED!) Sinemia Movie Plan Review: How Does it Compare to MoviePass?


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Sinemia Movie Plan Review

Sinemia Movie Plan Review – Thoughts After a Month

I have had MoviePass for several months now an have enjoyed the experience so far.  But I have noticed a lot of comments on my articles discuss the positives of Sinemia and I thought it was time we gave the program a spin as well.

PDX Deals Guy was willing to sign up and give it a test run for me since he thought the program fit his needs better than MoviePass did.  After a month he gave me his thoughts on the program and helped me navigate the nuances of the program.

UPDATE: Sinemia continues to change their rules and adds fees so I have downgraded my review.  I have included a way to avoid one of the fees below.  The program can still offer value but it is not as good as it used to be and who knows what they will change next.

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Details on Sinemia

Sinemia is a movie plan that allows you to see between 1 and 3 movies per month for a flat monthly fee. It offers classic plans (2D movies) and elite plans (3D & 4D movies).

They also offer Sinemia for two which allows you to purchase two tickets each viewing so you can take a family member or friend with you.  This is a better option versus setting up two separate accounts since it doesn’t limit who you can go to the movies with.

WARNING: The Elite plans include 2 3D or Regular movies per month.  You can also see 1 Premium movie (IMAX, 4D, Dbox, Atmos etc) every 30 DAYS.  It looks like this doesn’t run on the monthly plan cycle.  You are allowed 1 every 30 rolling days.

Plans & Pricing:

Sinemia Movie Plan Review

Sinemia now also offers a Weekday Only Plan – more info HERE

Link to Sinemia (PDX Deal Guy’s referral link)

Sinemia has added a charge of $1.80 per movie booking and they have gone completely cardless which makes avoiding the fee impossible.

How it Works

Once you sign up Sinemia will send you a card (everything is done through the app now).  You will then need to download the Sinemia app.  It seems like they are trying to get away from the card with newer members and trying to run everything through the app and online.

When you are ready to go to a movie you open the app and select the movie you want to see. And then select Advanced Ticketing. You can also do this at the theater but advanced ticketing is what sets Sinemia apart so you want to go this route (this adds a $1.80 fee plus a booking fee).  More on that later.

Sinemia Movie Plan Review

Sinemia Movie Plan Review









Then you select the movie theater you wish to go to followed by the service you would like to use to purchase the tickets.

Sinemia Movie Plan Review Sinemia Movie Plan Review









Now comes the part that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  You have to know and plug in all of the info for the movie you want to see.  It doesn’t automatically populate like MoviePass does. This is when you select if it is a 2D or 3D movie etc. as well.

Sinemia Movie Plan Review

Sinemia Movie Plan Review









You then get a confirmation screen that your Sinemia card has been loaded and that it is ready to use.  The next step is to go to Fandango, or whatever program you selected, to purchase the tickets.

Remember to check in at the theater within your Sinemia app once you get there otherwise your credit card will be charged for the movie.  This is to fight against abusers who buy the tickets for someone else or who are just trying to get the rewards if a movie will go unused that month.

Sinemia Movie Plan Review

You must use 34394 as the zip code when checking out and paying with your Sinemia card. This just baffles my mind and it should be your personal zip code.

Maximizing Your Return

When choosing which program to buy your tickets from Fandango is usually going to be the best option since you can go through a portal to earn cash back.  Fandango also recently started their VIP+ rewards program which will get you even more rewards. You can input your movie theater rewards number at the time of booking too.  That is a nice triple dip right there!

A few months ago Sinemia added a $2 per ticket fee for booking advanced tickets through Fandango on top of the $1.80 fee for advance booking.  You can avoid the Fandango fee with this trick


Sinemia does not seem to quite have the coverage of MoviePass but you can check your area on their website before signing up.

Figures After a Month

PDX Deals Guy went to a 3D movie and then a super fancy 3D movie at a theater with all the bells and whistles.  The out of pocket cost would have been $75 including Fandango fees etc. His cost with Sinemia was around $22 with the Sinemia for 2 package.

That doesn’t include the portal cash back he earned, the Fandango VIP+ points, or any movie theater rewards he may have earned.


Sinemia is a potentially valuable option for your movie going pleasure if you are able to maximize it and see 2 or 3 movies a month (depending on the plan).  And it is also important to go to 3D or 4D movies when using it to get the best return on your investment.

The app seems unnecessarily clunky and hopefully they get that fixed in the future.  It seems like there is a lot of room for improvement.

It sets itself apart from MoviePass by allowing people to book tickets in advance and pick their seats in advance.  This guarantees you can sit where you like and with whom you like.  It also allows 3D and 4D movies where MoviePass only allows 2D movies.

If you live in an area where picking seats or purchasing tickets before the show is not an issue; or if you prefer 2D movies then MoviePass is probably the better option even with their recent changes.  Stay away from MoviePass these days!

If you live near an AMC and want to go to more than 2-3 movies every month be sure to check out their new program.  Or you can take advantage of Tuesday nights and avoid all movie plans!


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  1. PDX appears to be on the Elite plan for 2 tix/2 ppl/mth which costs $5 more than the Classic plan. Classic membership can only be applied towards 2D movies, but Elite also includes 3D + 1 experience in IMAX-4DX per month.

    Some theaters are not covered every day. Sinemia updates theaters daily, so a theater may stay closed or open up. I have never had theater issues, but this is a link to search for theaters in a certain area: https://www.sinemia.com/theater-list

    • MoviePass is also restrictive on theaters/movies (from MoviePass Terms of Service): “However participating theaters, as well the time and locations for movies may vary depending on theater inventory, usage, and showtime availability. YOU SHOULD CHECK OUR MOVIEPASS APP FREQUENTLY FOR CHANGES IN OUR SERVICES AND ALL OFFERINGS INCLUDING UPDATES ON THEATER PARTICIPATION.”

  2. Also…Sinemia sends a phone notification to check-in for your movie, & they give you up to 30 minutes after the movie has started.

  3. My biggest problem with this is that it is billed annually (sounds like a gimmick, give you a monthly price but you can’t buy it for just a month). At least moviepass has a 3 month option, so I can get it for the summer which is basically the only time that I have time to go to the movies.

    • Good point Jason. A little bit of bait and switch advertising and something that will turn people off – not being able to try it for a month or two first before committing long term.

      • Sinemia sometimes offers monthly but not right now. Probably cause it is super cheap pricing right now? When monthly is offered, though, it is more expensive than the prepaid annual rate.

      • They are pretty clear it is an annual premium and if you feel it is bait and switch it gives you a niche to start your own app and try to be profitable having folks buy for a month and quit…….I think they may not have the deep pockets of Movie Pass which is burning thru 100’s of million a year in losses and clearly is not sustainable. Kudos for Sinemia for at least trying to get a sustainable model in place………I am constantly amazed at how whiny folks are and truly believe that if a product were a penny a month folks would still complain………..

        • Obviously they’re not “pretty clear”, or there wouldn’t be so many people surprised or frustrated by it. Every word of that post sounds exactly like what someone who works for sinemia would say. Try to not make it so obvious next time. Oh, and thanks for the rich irony—whining about people who whine. Priceless.

  4. I’ve read that Sinemia actually doesn’t work on calendar months, but rather you have to wait a rolling 30-days. This makes it pretty much impossible to get 12 full cycles in a year unless you go almost every 30 days exactly. This is in my view the biggest downside of it.

    • Not really sure of MoviePass’ rule on this, either. Their Terms of Use don’t specify “monthly” or 30-day, (though there is some 30-day language in there regarding another issue).

      For both services, however, I purchased mid-month. That gave the cards time to arrive and where I could sit on them long enough, if necessary, so activation (with the respective apps) corresponds with the beginning of the month. If you let Sinemia know you didn’t get the card (even if you did), they will send another which continues to delay the process to line up the activation date closer to what you prefer and are able to easily maintain.

      I personally like the beginning of the month as that help me keep up with usage – I will enjoy a full 12 month’s use.

    • Little late of a reply here, but I can 100% confirm that this is true. First movie I watched after getting my card was Infinity War on April 27. 2 weeks after that May 10, Deadpool 2. When I then went on to try and purchase ticket for Solo on May 24, I got an error message saying I had reached my 2 ticket max, and had to wait until May 27 before buying another ticket.

      I like Sinemia more than Moviepass (especially online ticket purchases) in every way except that. Summer time there is almost always a new movie coming out I want to watch. Waiting a full 30 day rolling cycle is beyond irritating, and for no reason at all. Just gotta hope all the movies I want to see come out 2 weeks apart for the rest of time.

      • Sicwill, does it reset every 30 days from the original start date, i.e. basically every 27th, or does the 30-day period change depending on your specific dates of use? So in your case, if you waited until June 5 instead of May 27, would it then reset again on July 5 or June 27?

          • Definitely worse; it basically guarantees the user won’t be able to max out their “monthly” allowance. Very clever by Sinemia, though somewhat deceptive imo — I’d bet most subscribers don’t actually understand this when they sign up.

    • Yes and I lost a movie for Two in July because I wasn’t aware my month ended July 24. When I went on July 27th I was in August. Just another issue, albeit this is minor next to the sneaky penalties and overcharges they try to pull off. Soooo not transparent or accessible when you have an issue. As I mentioned in my real complaint, I canceled last night.

  5. I’ve been on Sinemia since November and I’m also on MoviePass. I see a ton of movies. While Sinemia definitely has some advantages over MoviePass, such as seeing 3D, there are a number of problems I have with them, but have accepted them for now.

    1. I have watched my full monthly periods each month and never get the full 30 days. I usually get 29 days. I have pointed this out to their customer service and they acknowledged the error but never changed anything.
    2. While on that note, their customer service is non-existent lately. I have had a number of questions and have tried pretty much all avenues to contact them from Twitter to Facebook Messenger to email and have gotten no responses.
    3. There are actually two cycle periods for each month. One is for the normal allowance of movies of 3D or 2D. The other is for premium – DBOX, XD, Imax, etc. So if you were to see a premium format today for example, you would have to wait 30 days from today to see another one.
    4. Lastly, this is more of an issue with how 3D is going away in the US. Finding 3D for home viewing is pretty much gone now and the trend is moving that way in theaters now too. Sinemia’s edge for the longest time was that you could see 3D movies for all of your allowance… but many times now for a given month, there is only 1 3D movie being released and thus you have to use Sinemia for a 2D, and if you have MoviePass as well, that’s rather redundant.

    Thankfully, I have at least used my 3 movie Sinemia allowance each month with no problems in the time they give me. On most months I have gotten at least 1 to 2 3D movies. If 3D was to go away in our country all together, I would drop Sinemia, as there would be no need for me to have it since MoviePass would serve just fine, that is unless MoviePass sticks with it’s current 4 movies a month only. Currently, I am on the annual plan with MoviePass allowing me a movie a day. (I see usually two movies a week on most weeks.)

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your article and thank you for your evaluation. 🙂

  6. Another benefit to having either MP or Sinemia – since I have been a member (also Fandango VIP) I receive free screening tickets for 2 at least 3x/month now over what I was getting! I guess my info has been sold as a frequent moviegoer, but in this case I don’t mind much.

    • Mary:

      I also signed up for Sinemia on April 25th, and I to this day have not seen the card. Contacted Customer service 4 times and no answer at all. I am ready to chargeback my account tbh. This does not seem like a responsible company, I was billed $250 and then they went ghost.

      Any thoughts from anybody?

        • Mark:

          I wish their customer service team was as fast as you! 🙂

          It’s not the wait for the card that bothers me, it’s their non existent customer service. It makes people nervous when they have never tried a service before. Lets check my points.

          1. They say on their site the card will ship in 7 days. Lie

          2. When you email customer service, they say you will get a response in 24hrs. Lie

          3. They bill immediately for a yearly plan for a monthly service.

          4. They have no contact number!

          As you can see there are many points as to why my concerns are growing. What if I have an issue using the card. Are they going to take 4 weeks to get back to a service ticket?

          Sounds to me they found a way to be profitable, just ignore all their customers so they dont get to see their movies. I had a feeling it was to good to be true.


          • Both Sinemia and Moviepass leave a lot to be desired in the customer service department.

            Hopefully you get your card soon. No excuse for not responding to emails or tweets.

      • Agree. There is no indication when you are checking out that you won’t be able to use the service for weeks. Yet they charge your card immediately for the entire year. If they can’t activate the membership right away, they shouldn’t charge the card right away.

        Also, I think it’s FAR from obvious when you are checking out that only ONE of the movies per month can be premium. I specifically bought a 2 movie nights per month plan to see 4DX movies (I only go to 4DX, otherwise I will wait and see it at home) then after I sign out I find out only 1 can be 4DX. The only indicator was where it says “Elite: every feature in classic plan including 3D and an experience in imax/4dx/and more” ahhhh tricky wording “AN experience” so only 1. I think it’s obvious they were tried to mislead about that. And what a scam having a separate 30 days clock for the 4dx. The only way you could use all 12 premium experiences in a year is if you see on the same day every month which is impractical. So I thought i was paying for 2 premium movie nights per month and I’m getting LESS than 1 per month.
        I’m doing a chargeback.

      • They literally have no customer service. You can wait days for a response. Two months ago I emailed and they had an auto response acknowledging my emai and within three days (yeah days, not hours) I would get a response. The response was always to challenge my issue and talk down to me. It woul actually take at least 15 emails per issue ( there were two separate ones) to resolve and it took at least a week of battling each time. They only had 3 people responding so clueless how many people work there. They are amazing at charging extra and claiming you didn’t check in. I had to physically take a picture of me checking in on advance purchases to protect myself from, GET THIS, $30 penalty for not checking in. I believe it is ultimately a shady operation. If it’s too good to be true, it isn’t. Yeah, after 4 months I canceled. 3 days now and no response to my latest appeal of a $28 penalty. Luckily I have pictures to send to VISA when I challenge charge.

        • Oh, I meant to say that now, after 4 emails, I haven’t received the auto response confirming they even got my email. So they’ve gotten worse at service in last few months. So disappointed.

    • You’re not alone there. I had to contact them 3 times before finally getting my card sent out. They kept saying it had been delivered, but it was definitely not. When I was finally able to have them give me a UPS tracking number it showed up within 3 days.

      As far as any other questions I’ve had, those have never gotten a response. I’ve sent 2 emails, and direct message Twitter, about changing my plan UP in price, but 5 weeks later not a peep. There’s also a theater search feature that lets you send them info to a local theater not on the list that I have never gotten a reply to either.

      I will say that this is just as bad at Moviepass. They took 6 weeks to send out my card, and over 3 months and constant emails before sending out one to my friend I had bought him as a gift.

  7. Sinemia customer service is horrible at responding. And their website is lacking in info (even in FAQ section), if not outright deceptive. But the service itself has been a good fit for me. Despite the customer service and poor website and app.

  8. I have been having trouble with refunded movie tickets. I emailed them countless times over 3 week period and all I received was automated reply saying they received my message. They have NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT AT ALL.
    I would avoid Sinemia like a plague. Their app and process are far less than perfect so you will run into problems. Guess what? If something goes wrong, you will just have to suck it up. And now they are collecting 1 year fee up front. No thank you.

    • Sorry to hear that. The customer service is basically non existent for these movie program companies. It does give pause when paying a year up front.

    • I posted here recently and had the same issue. If you contact them on twitter they get right back to you. It was nice to finally hear something. The reason why cards are taking so long is because of the demand from their current marketing.

      After what I have read and spoken to current users, I am going to try the service because I am told it does work fairly seamlessly as long as you follow the criteria, and with all due respect. It does not seem to mind rambling. We shall see and when I receive my card I will let you know.

  9. I can live with MoviePass, except if only they would come out with a 2 person option. So hoping to see that. It would be nice to be able to book seats in advance without having to go to the theatre to do it, but the complications with having to have two cell phones to book for 2 people if awful. Who really goes to the movies alone? I am sure there are enough people that do, but for me, I really hate the inconvenience of having to go through the motions for both people. Plus I don’t always go with the same person every time.

    Not sure I want to switch to another service with terrible customer service.

    • I’m wondering if you are still ok with MoviePass after all of the horrible updates this month. I have tried to go to the theater several times and no tickets were available…especially at night… it seems that they ‘run out’ of tickets for the day and I just am out of luck and if I want to see one I have to pay out of pocket…and I have 2 phones to do 2 accounts… yes, so annoying. Especially when I have to pay separate and the other ticket I want to buy is taken before I can get it!

  10. I have movie pass for a month and like it. But I was under the impression that it provided unlimited movies not just 4.

    The app interface is slick and very intuitive

    Their website from the link above still says unlimited

    No one answers at customer service

    • They went to 4 per month for a little while for new sign ups and are now back to unlimited. The capped offer only last 3-4 weeks.

  11. Sure would like to enjoy Deadpool 2 in MX4D but Sinemia has systematically IGNORED every email i have sent them! I have to resort to Facebook/ social media hopefully to get a response. i was trying to view Avengers in MX4D but the Sinemia card wouldn’t work, what happened to getting ONE Premium movie. Wasted my time, this will be my last month if someone does not message me.

    • Man that blows – I have heard their Twitter team is the best option so you may wanna give them a try. Hope it all works out. Had it been more than 30 days since you last MX4D?

  12. Thanks for the article. Exactly what I was looking for as I do my research.

    Sinemia is definitely something I am considering. I would go for movie pass but it doesn’t work at my fav theater (Harkins), it doesn’t work for large format/premium screeening, and no advance reservations / seating selection.

    Sinemia hits all those points: works at harkins, allows (1) large format, and allows advance reservations. BTW, movietickets.com is just $1 fee for harkins movies.

    The part that irks me is the yearly signup requirement… If I could do monthly, or even 3 month, I would just sign up. But I have no way to know if the company will shut it’s doors in two months and this new marketing promo was just a last ditch effort to drive up cash.

    The biggest question for me is, is Sinemia worth all the hassle when costco sells movietickets.com gift cards at 20% off (this counts towards both the fee and ticket). Not sure yet.

    • Yeah the yearly cost is a tough pill to swallow. I think Sinemia is on more solid footing vs MoviePass since they are only allowing 2 per month but I don’t know anything for sure.

  13. Sadly, all online purchase choices charge fees. I think more people need to complain about this change. Sinemia claims they will never change terms within your “cycle,” but I paid for a year in advance and one month (or less – hard to say due to when I purchased my tickets online) after I got my card, they changed the terms and I now have to pay the fee to buy online. I cannot even purchase advanced tickets at the movie theater any more. This is the ONLY reason I chose them over MoviePass. MoviePass is cheaper than the plan I have with Sinemia AND I could see three movies a month instead of 2.

    • I would contact them and you may be able to get a refund if you mention that they changed the terms after you paid for your yearly membership. MoviePass is actually back to unlimited right now.

  14. My husband had signed up to receive the card over 2 months ago, and we have not yet received the card. The company has already taken the yearly fee from us and has failed to respond to our emails (we’ve sent 4 different emails now).

    • Wow that is pretty terrible. Have you try contacting them via Twitter? I would consider doing a chargeback with your credit card company.

    • I would totally charge back the charge, but if you wanted to try and keep the membership, they just announced the digital version where you don’t need a physical card.

  15. So do you have to pay the service fee for whatever site you use for advanced ticket reservations? Or is that covered with the Sinemia membership? Also, can you purchase tickets in advance at the theater using the card?

    • They changed it to where you have to pay the fee now. I think there may be ways to do it without a fee being charged. Yes you can purchase the tickets at the theater with the card instead.

  16. hey do they refund you your annual premium after you cancel your membership? I never used it because i cant even reserve movies in advance . I’ve signed up about 2 months ago and STILL havent received my card at all. On top of that there is no way to contact them (at least i tried everything no response ).No customer service AT ALL. This feels like a very dishonest business that bait people to just sign up with them and after nothing .

    • I would file a chargeback claim with your credit card and request a full refund saying the services were never rendered.

  17. BUYER BEWARE – this is the worst experience I’ve ever experienced as an online consumer. They were very quick to take my money but failed to fulfil on the order. I had to continuously contact them to advise I hadn’t received the membership card- I suspect along with the thousands of other unsatisfied customers – the companies solution was to provide an online card to alleviate their inability to fulfil orders. Due to the constant chasing and one-sided communication, I asked to cancel my membership. Surprise surprise- they don’t offer refunds. What a horrible way to run a business. Buyer beware- this is a great concept but they fall way short on delivery.

    • I believe everything can be done through the app without a card. I don’t know if they even send them out anymore. Have you tried filing a charge back with your credit card provider? That would be a way to get the credit. Hope that works for you.

  18. Thank you Mark- I will try doing that with the credit card provider :). I realize its an app now but to be honest with such poor customer service I no longer want to give them my business.

  19. Came here to see how furious people are at Sinemia, as this is the worst user experience I’ve ever had by far.

    Not surprised to see the complaints.

    There’s been 4-5 movies already that I’ve tried to see but had to pay full price for, due to an app bug, Sinemia having me on file for two card numbers, or some other ridiculous thing.

    The latest: I hit “change plan” and it extended my plan by a second year. Now in order to fix it they want me to pay full price retroactively for all the movies I’ve seen! Literally a scam.

    But it’s such a good deal that I’m at least going to get my money back once the kinks get worked out.

    • At least you were able to get a response out of them…that seems like a rare feat. I wonder if the new AMC plan has better customer service because Sinemia and Moviepass are seriously lacking in that department.

  20. Sinemia is a scam!
    They took my money and never send the card. After two months and many emails (emails only because they don’t have a contact phone) they finally replied with saying that my problem has been resolved. And, by resolved they meant that they would keep my money and not care about sending the card.

    • Did you file a charge back with the credit card company? You should still be able to use the program via the app even without the card…have you tried doing it that way? Their customer service is terrible though

  21. Sorry but this service in Australia is totally messed up and i strongly suspect they would be a scam. I paid for a year membership and only got my first booking work. ALL, yeah, all other attempts failed miserably. after long time back and forth, they concluded that they have issue with EventCinema and that i should try with other brands!??!? However, 5 other attempts still fail with Hoyts and they then as me to go make a paypal account in US (im in AUS) and link their cardless with that account to purchase the hoyts ticket?!?!?! and you guess what? still fail.

    Then i just simply gave up and ask for refund. They then lead me through a long journal of “pls try other brands” and “please try again”
    then they finally agree to refund, after i threaten to dispute them in bank. But guess what, they would charge my first 2 vmax ticket FULL-PRICE: $58, and only refund the rest.
    This’s definitely a scam, Sinemia is a SCAM!!!!!

  22. This app is extremeley NOT user friendly. Very difficult to use.
    And their customer service?! OMG I have never dealt with a worse and useless customer service team. No phone number for technical support. And no urgency in responding to issues.

  23. After 4 months of Sinemia, I am about to implode. It is a very good option when it works. My ONLY complaint, but it’s a gigantic one, is the need to check in at the theater on advance purchases. I hit the check in button and it goes to a new screen. It never tells me, thank you for checking in. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, they penalize you for as much as $30-$40. I have resorted to taking pictures of me checking in. I got penalized yesterday after attempting 10 or more check ins. I’m about to cancel and try AMC STUBS. It is infuriating and the only customer service is email. The representatives are not customer friendly and make me feel like the enemy and not the customer.

    • I have been looking at AMC stubs as well – seems like the best option if you know you will go to enough movies to make it worth it.

  24. They don’t make it very clear that they no longer offer physical cards and now all tickets must be purchased online. Which also means service fees every time you go to see a movie. Before it even activated, I requested a refund and it was granted. Trying to get in touch with them was tough though. I then went to AMC stubs and couldn’t be happier. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, checking in and reserving movies times is simple, and you even get stubs points for the monthly membership fee. It’s not as good for the money as moviepass was for the first 9 months, but I’d have a hard time going back now. Sinemia is just as bad as moviepass is now though.

    • Thanks for sharing – I still need to check out AMC Stubbs. Looks like the best program but I wouldn’t see enough movies to make the money work.

  25. I’ve tried using the service, but it hasn’t worked. Also, when I signed up it was never it clear that the customer would be required to pay an additional $1.50 fee for each online ticket purchased. That is not something I ever agreed to. When I asked for a refund, I was denied multiple times by Will. Will in customer service has been nothing but useless. My friend emailed with the same issue and demanded a refund. She used harsher language than me and was able to secure a full refund, but Will told me they can’t grant me the same. Unbelievable how the lied and are treating 2 people in the same situation completely differently.

  26. I need to leave a 0 star review. NOWHERE was it clear that the customer would be required to pay an additional $1.50 fee for each online ticket purchased. That is not something I ever agreed to. When I asked for a refund, I was denied multiple times by Will. Will in customer service has been nothing but useless. My friend emailed with the same issue and demanded a refund. She used harsher language than me and was able to secure a full refund, but Will told me they can’t grant me the same. Unbelievable how the lied and are completely unfair.

    • Amanda threaten a charge back with your credit card and if they don’t budge then do one. Getting rid of the card so that you have to book online was a bad move on their part.

  27. Will was my main person as well. I think they may only have 3 people handling customer service. I’ve emailed over 40 times in past few months trying to get response and resolution of issues. It’s always Will, or Adam and Vera. It got to the point I actually sent them the following: “Someone besides Will please read Next step has to be VISA, Facebook, and Google.”

    I canceled service yesterday after 4 months of no customer service and 3 penalties of $28 or more for not checking in when I did. It is an unusable app. I will try AMC Stubs for my next movies. Reviews look promising on being able to deal with app and service. More expensive but if I do 3 movies a month it’s worth it let alone 3 a week.

  28. Avoid Sinemia at all costs.

    They no longer have a card, its only e-ticket now.

    They won’t disclose this fact until your third or fourth time asking, trying to divert and avoid a direct answer.

    When they finally admitted it, I asked they cancel and refund in under an hour of signing up. They said they would do so. When they didn’t I had to dispute with my credit card company.

    When Sinemia got the chargeback, they insisted they never said they’d cancel and credit (I still have the message) and that they were unable to do so. They claim the only way is for my CC company to decline the charge, or they’ll “restart my membership”.

    And then closed the ticket as resolved to my satisfaction.

    Run, run away!

  29. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SINEMIA. They are just as bad as movie pass. I have tried five times to try and contact someone at Sinemia- oddly this company has no phone number.
    I never received my Sinemia card (I have been a member since last May).
    I tried contacting them a month later asking where it is- then a few weeks later, and two more times after that. I have never received a response back. No indication my card is coming. And the last two times I’ve tried to cancel my membership and get a partial refund. Still, no response.

    • I think they want everything done through the app. You can try a charge back with your credit card company.

  30. I haven’t signed up yet (still very skeptical about all of these programs, for varying reasons) but I heard that if you order your tickets through Facebook (facebook.com/movies) there are no fees. It will still redirect you to Fandango for purchase, if I understand correctly, but the $1.50 is waived.

    Might be a limited time offer though, so YMMV.

  31. I’ve used Sinemia (couple’s plan $29 a month, 3 movie nights) for almost a year now (22 movies so far) and have had only 2 hiccups. Both times when I tried to buy in front of the theater (network error). Other than that, I’ve used advanced ticketing and been banking on Regal Rewards. The best app to use the Sinemia card on so far is the Atom app because they also have their own deals like watch 4 movies get free ticket. The only negative I see is their customer service is horrible, you might as well not contact them. But I’ll take that trade off for the amount of $ my gf and I are saving.

  32. *This is a scam! Do not pay for this*
    I paid for my one-year membership in June and to date, I have not received anything from them! No membership card, no movie tickets, no proof of anything! Whenever I emailed them, they apologized and asked me to wait. It’s been 3 months! No more waiting. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, every penny, all $479.76!!!!

    • You can file a charge back to your credit card company. You are not able to do it online with your e-card?

  33. DO NOT BUY.
    The process to purchase a ticket is so complicated and time consuming. My experience with their customer service has been so frustrating and after I realized that the movie theater I wanted to utilize wasn’t directly available and how many steps were required to procure tickets, I asked for a refund. Customer service wouldn’t grant me a refund so I spent $500+ for a terrible service and really wished I had seen some of the comments above before purchasing.

    • Sorry to hear that Christina – did you file a charge back with your credit card company? You should be able to get your money back that way.

  34. This is biggest SCAM. Their custom support is a joke. Collecting SSN 4 digits for a movie plan?? This is ridiculous. Please stay away from Sinemia and you are better off buying tickets full price or some costco coupons.

  35. Finally getting back Mark. Sinemia was an utter disaster. Not only did they keep claiming I didn’t check in on advance purchases, they continued to fine me $30 each time, which was more than my monthly charge. I even sent them screenshots of me checking in, but no response. After fighting them for 3 months, getting 2 credits but ignored on most recent, even though I checked in like, 30 times, and sent them screenshots, when after a week (and now a month) of not one response to 7 emails) I finally cancelled my account and challenged charge w Visa. I documented everything. The only response I got were 3 emails imploring me to come back to Sinemia, and then one suspending me, although I had canceled a month earlier.

    This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with, w no customer service and they are fraudulent in so many ways. Finding me more than my monthly fee because they said I didn’t check in? It so so difficult to follow their procedures and yet I did.

    I switched to AMC plan and for $20 I get 3 movies a week, any type including imax and 3D, no advance charge and no check in procedures. It is like going from hell to heaven.

  36. This is a Bait and Switch. Do not buy!

    I prepaid for yearly subscription and now they’ve added an NEW PROCESSING FEE that adds 40% to the cost.

    My credit card company says I can not get a refund because of the fine print.

    The company has not phone number and does not respond to emails. I made the mistakes of telling my family and friends to sign up before they pulled this Bait and Switch.

    Do not make the same mistake.

    • I am in the same boat.. This has to be illegal, has anyone heard of a class action suit yet? If so please link to it.


    So my account mysteriously stopped working, said my card was declined every time I tried making a purchase no matter if it was in person or advance tickets. I contacted Sinemia via every possible method (FB, Twitter, website, email) as they don’t have any other contact methods. Needless to say, there wasn’t a single person that could help me out, just kept saying to keep trying. Obviously this wasn’t going to magically fix itself.

    After 3 weeks of this going back and forth I finally mentioned to them if they didn’t help me out I’d have to contact my credit card company… Their response? “Your membership has been suspended for preventive reasons due to your objection to payment.”

    I purchased a 1 year subscription back in April. Since then they’ve imposed fees that equal an ADDITIONAL $8/month, which means I’m paying 50% more than I signed up for, without any warning. Very shady company, with extremely shady business practices. I’d recommend never dealing with these guys, and if you do definitely DO NOT sign up for a 1 year plan.

  38. You need to revise for article to avoid at all cost. I signed up base on your review now I’m fighting them to get my money back for my entire family of four. They charge additional fees per ticket and it doesn’t work half the time. They need a 0 rating not 3.5 on your site. Bbb gave them a f rating

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you. The review talks about the extra fees when booking the tickets which is a detraction. I would file a charge back with your credit card for the refund.

  39. What is extremely frustrating (and probably illegal) is that Sinemia stopped allowing use of their physical card, and yet is not allowing a pro-rated cancellation of their service. I go to at least 2 theaters that do not have online ticket purchasing, which means I can no longer use the service at those theaters. I told Sinemia I wanted to cancel the annual service and get a refund of my 2 remaining months, and they said that they cannot do so, because I agreed to a full year. So exasperating!

    • It is terrible that they are changing their rules right and left and holding people to their 1 year agreement. It doesn’t make sense in any way.

  40. Surprise surprise! For those who jumped ship from mp. Mp never once gave me a problem. Except the occasional snap a picture of ur tkt earlier on. Now that most of abusers are gone. I can enjoy it even more! Sometimes procrastination is a bless.

  41. Steer clear of Sinemia. They got my 250 bucks and have failed over and over to deliver what was promised. On top of it all, they recently terminated my accounts and kept my money stating I violated TOS.

    Here’s what I did. I thought I bought 3 monthly memberships and realized I was charged for the whole year. I ordered back when they had call in customer service number that worked (they don’t anymore). I was going to cancel but the rep assured me I could have 3 accounts and that month to month would cost lots more.

    After 70 days they say I violated TOS having 3 accounts linked to one phone, even though I was clear about that on the front end and had them all on the same device since the beginning. I appealed with credit card and first attempt failed because in there TOS they basically say they can do anything they want whenever they want and that you agree to the abuse.

    So even though I was charged a full year x 3 (Very deceptive), never received a physical card as was promised, and even though I was using an app for free fandango service, they then started charging additional fees on top of the others and you can’t continue unless you accept. I’m the bad guy and they won’t respond to any messages or questions I have. So unless you like losing money don’t join.

    Also don’t join unless you fully think the TOS make sense: ie…you agree to having the rug pulled out from you and having no recourse. Please don’t pay for a whole year. That is the biggest scam. They’ll terminate you and not prorate it!


    I joined for a year membership and was unable to see any movies at all.
    Tired contacting them through email several times without a response. NO PHONE NUMBER LISTED TO CALL ANYONE FOR HELP.
    I was denied a charge back from my credit card company.

  43. Terrible customer service. I tried to cancel Sinemia I’ve been with them 5 months no card and the cardless feature has additional fees now. They offered me a refund October 24th I waited 2 weeks and asked what happened to my refund new representative messaged saying they are no longer offering me one even after I copied the screenshot in the email showing the proof. Now my account is suspended I have 7 months left and no refund.

  44. Sinemia cardless would not process via Cinemark app on 11/23/2018. Contacted support, no response other than the “support ticket received” email.

    Also was promised a physical card at sign up and was last advised to “wait for the physical card request feature” to be added to the app. That was in August. Still no card, still getting charged extra fees because no regional theaters participate with Sinemia’s e-ticketing parter apps. Now cardless didn’t work when I went to the movies last weekend. Not good!

  45. I miss Moviepass and regret ever signing up for Sinemia. It’s only been 2 months and it’s had multiple errors where the credit card generated would not be accepted by Atom tickets and I had to either skip the movie that day or pay out of pocket. Then they said I had never checked into the movies and froze my account, even though I had been pressing the check in button at the theater. I guess the check ins had failed but there was never any prompt in the app saying the check ins failed. Just an email recently saying I hadn’t checked in when I had, and that they were freezing my account until I paid $18.50. Even though I emailed them about the check in problems on their end and also included screen shots, I got no response until I asked to cancel my subscription and get a refund, with them refusing any refunds. I’ll be charging back through my credit card; they are a shady company that people should stay away from.

  46. After 2 months of being charged double my monthly bill for SUPPOSEDLY not checking in, and fighting them via over 60 emails, I got credit forcfirst two. And yes, I checked in each time at least 5 times because there was no, you are checked in message. I even took screenshots of me pressing check in w the time on it. No response, 10 more emails, no response. I canceled account and then I contacted Chase and filed a grievance. I showed all my correspondence and Chase ruled in my favor. Meanwhile Sinemia is emailing me please to return to the great deal I had. Really? They did not reply to my issue but then suspended me, even though I’d canceled, and then begged me to come back.

    I switched to AMC and it is soooo easy to use plus each theater can help you w questions. No extra charges and 3 movies a week for $20 a month. IMAX, 3D anything and the app works. Sinemia was the worst company I’ve ever dealt with and I’m 67. They literally tried to steal my money with their convoluting fraud of an app.

  47. This company is a total scam. They claim to give you a monthly movie pass for 3 movies, however you are charged so many fees for purchasing a ticket that it defeats the purpose. You end up paying the full price for a movie ticket once you add all of their fees. Not to mention this is a very difficult service to use. Its merely impossible to actually get a ticket bc of all of the steps you have to take. I would say this company will not be around very long. This is for lack of better words a “legal” scam of fees and bogus charges. Buyer beware.


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