Did You Lose Elite Status In January? Try This

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Now is the Time to Take Advantage of Status Match Opportunities

In November I covered a generous status match opportunity that enabled people to parlay only one mid tier elite status into the top loyalty tiers of several programs. We got a lot of questions about the timing of the deal and when to match in order to maximize value. Here’s the original deal and a bit about how to make the most of it.

Wyndham Rewards Status Match Opportunity

Wyndham is running a promotion where it will match your elite status from other hotel loyalty programs to their GOLD, PLATINUM, or DIAMOND status. Elite status includes perks like late checkout, early check-in and preferred room choice amongst other things. Status match offers are the gifts that keep on giving because they open up opportunities for matches from other rewards programs. Here’s an example where one elite status enabled me to get elite status in three different programs and a bunch of freebies: Turn Total Rewards Status into 10 Free Nights and $700 in Free Play (M Life Members Can Cash in Too)

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Status Match Offer Details

As you can see from the chart, this is a pretty generous offer. Hilton and Marriott Gold which can be obtained by anyone with a Platinum card both match to Wyndham’s top tier Diamond level. Also, anyone with an IHG Credit card would also be matched to top tier.

Link to Status Match

Wyndham Rewards Status Match OpportunityWyndham Rewards Status Match Opportunity

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Anyone who previously held Wyndham status, would have lost it by now and the Total rewards amount reset on January 1, despite keeping status until January 31.

Caesar’s Total Rewards Status Match

Once you’ve matched to Wyndham Diamond or Platinum, you’ll want to take advantage of their partnership with Total Rewards. You can match your status here. Visit www.totalrewards.com/wyndham for additional details. There also happens to be an Amex Offer for Caesar’s properties that’s good until the end of the year, check out this post for details on how to stack for maximum value.

The following statuses will be matched:

  • Wyndham Rewards Platinum = Total Rewards Platinum
  • Wyndham Rewards Diamond = Total Rewards Diamond

Anyone who is able to match a middle of the road status to TR Diamond is very lucky. First, Diamond status comes with a $100 celebration dinner, a free trip to the Bahamas and waived resort fees at Total Rewards Properties!

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Wyndham Rewards Status Match Opportunity

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This is a really generous status match offer and you should be able to open the door to a few other elite programs with your match. Additionally, Caesars has generously extended their match through 2019. Make sure you check statusmatcher.com for up-to-date data points. The above photo shows that there is a sort of challenge element to this promotion and if you want to keep your status you’re have some qualifications to meet. Hopefully, you’ll be able to status match to Caesar’s Total Rewards and a few others before your status runs out.


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  1. Great post! Wanted to ask about the extra perk for a free trip to the bahamas. I am unable to locate any further info on such or do I have to wait for my status match b/n Wyndam and Total Rewards to see the details? Im currently waiting on my status match b/n hilton gold to wyndam diamond!


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